P.J. Valckenberg Dornfelder 2014
" The Valckenberg Dornfelder is a smooth, medium-bodied, lightly sweet red with notes of ripe cherries and black currants bursting on the palate, followed by a distinctive vanilla note on the velvety finish. It is a versatile wine that pairs with spicy beef dishes, barbecue, pasta with marinara,
Item Number: 19129
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Blue Nun 3.0L Riesling 3.0L
"The Riesling grape is considered by many to be the finest of German grape varieties, and Blue Nun's Riesling uses them to superb effect. It's fragrant, fruity, crisp and lively. Good with white meats and fish." ~Winery Notes
Item Number: 6923
Case: $55.96
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Valckenberg 'Madonna' Liebfraumilch 2014
" Thanks to their remarkable of rich, fruit flavours and delicate, refreshing acidity wine is delicious and pairs well with all kinds of foods. ~ Winery notes
Item Number: 7010
Case: $95.40

Valckenberg 'Madonna' Riesling Kabinett 2014
Just a reminder that "kabinett" does not mean "dry". Clear, medium lemon yellow in color. Clean aromas of pear, yellow apple, pungent floral, steel wool, wax, and some bandage (Brett). Not sure how I feel about it personally. On the palate it's off-dry, medium-low acidity, medium body and finish;
Item Number: 835
Case: $107.40

Strub 'Soil to Soul' Riesling 2014
"At times this wine has seemed impressive yet its acid poke has made it hard to drink deeply. That has changed. This 2014's is weighty, as savory as corn-fritters sautéed in butter, thicker and less pointed.  The vineyard is a paradox: a warm micro-climate yet a cool soil (clay and limestone, slow
Item Number: 21106
Case: $155.40
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