Love For Empire Wine!

Who Needs a Sale When You Have Empire Wine? - Robert Dwyer / WWP

Speedy line at Empire Wine - Steve Barnes / Times Union

Empire Wine Launchers Redesigned Website - Eric Anderson / Times Union

"Could not be happier with my experience buying from @empirewine excellent customer service and lightning fast shipping!"
~Jeseph, December 2013
"I just want to thank you so much for shipping the requested bottle of wine so quickly!! You have great customer service and great timely shipping!! Happy Holidays!!"
~Tammy, December 2013
"Of every place online that I buy wine I find Empire's picks to be the most consistent in quality. Keep it up!"
~Joe, April 2013
"Thank you for a wonderful experience! I will not hesitate to order again and will promote you on my website."
~Peter, November 2012
"Thank you again - You'll be my first stop for my next party"
~Jessica, September 2012
"Empire is great to deal with and has THE best deals."
~Gary, August 2012
"Inquired, ordered and shipped all in the same day. Arrived yesterday. Thank you so much for the great customer service!"
~Sean, May 2012
"Adam - I cant thank you enough for all your help today :) you are saving my holidays!! prayn for a good delivery date .. tell your boss I said you gave exceptional customer service!! Have a awesomely fantastic day!!"
~Karen, October 2011
"I'm a veteran shopper at Empire Wine and have just used your website to order a mixed case for the first time and want to congratulate you on a great user experience. Very well laid out, love the feature that saves your orders, easy to navigate. Thanks!"
~Joanna, July 2011
"Great place to shop! Staff is very friendly and educated. I ordered the other day online, and was able to receive my wine the next day without paying overnight delivery. Highly recommended!"
~Natasha, May 2011
"I visited your store today for 1st time and purchased a case of wine.I was very impressed and I will be returning."
~John, April 2011
"Thanks You provide GREAT SERVICE"
~Loren, April 2011
"Thanks for being so prompt and efficient. I have decided to have another case shipped, same credit card. You can sendit next week. Thanks again for such great service, one day I'll stop by and say hello. Consider me a happy customer! I will certainly continue to spread good words about you guys, verbally and online."
~Louise, February 2011
"I think you are the best Wine & Liquor store around. I make sure to tell everyone I know about the great prices and the knowledge of your employees. You do not wait till one buys a case of wine to give them a discount. You have already incorporated that in your pricing. Thank you Bunches,"
~Karen, January 2011