Copper Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon

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Copper Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon

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"Medium-bodied with flavors of blackberry, plum and cherry fruit; a hint of spice. Soft and supple tannins make for an easy drinking, everyday wine." ~ Winery notes

Customer Reviews

5/5 stars on 4/17/2015  [Verified Purchase]
1/5 stars on 3/30/2015
You get what you pay forGreen fresh mowed grass on the nose. On the attack you are reminded of cough syrup. On the midpalate you are struck by notes of a menthol lozenge. Then on the finish you discern a melange of rotten tomato and old cheese. All in all, a horrible wine. But you get what you pay for so if you think you can get palatable wine for $1 per glass, you should probably be drinking cough syrup because it would taste better. But you definitely get high yields in terms of a wicked "cheap wine" hangover.
2/5 stars on 9/3/2014  [Verified Purchase]
Good for Sangaria
1/5 stars on 9/19/2013  [Verified Purchase]
Does NOT taste the same as expected!Had this Cabernet at Carrabas, LOVED IT! I asked what the brand was then ordered a CASE after reading these reviews. The discription on the previous reviews was on the dot about what it tastes like in the restaurant... Smooth, rich, a touch of sweetness, no bitterness etc.So, I recieve my CASE of bitter watered down crap. I am very disapointed. I called Empire thinking there must be two Copper Ridge Cabernets and and about possibly shipping it back. The man I spoke with immediately got an attitude and was very rude. I do not know if I revieved a bad batch or what is wrong but this wine is watered down bitter crap. Tastes like Dollar Store Wine. I guess you get what you pay for! 88.00 bucks thrown away. Maybe this wine was good before but its not now. Its Nothing like in Carrabas. Yuck!
5/5 stars on 8/5/2013  [Verified Purchase]
Great wine for any occasion and the best wine shop everI first had this wine at a seafood restaurant in Rhode Island and it was really great. I got home and immediately went online and found it at Empire and ordered a case immediately. I think it has been 3-4 years since that day and I'm still an Empire fan. Empire Wine is awesome for it's wine inventory and quick shipping. When we travel to NY for the Saratoga races, it is an absolute requirement that we stop at Empire. The store is small but they sure pack in all the great wines. Much better than the big box wine stores.
5/5 stars on 2/13/2013  [Verified Purchase]
Great For Everyday Use:)Very smooth and light and at a great price (for now).
1/5 stars on 8/31/2012  [Verified Purchase]
Very sweetThis tasted more like a sangria to me than a Cab. Not in love.
5/5 stars on 6/11/2012  [Verified Purchase]
My FAVEWe took a friend to Carrabba's and introduced her to this wine. As the others mentioned, Carrabba's is the only restaurant we have found who serves it. She gifted me with a case from Empire!! I'll be back for more.
5/5 stars on 5/12/2012  [Verified Purchase]
About copper ridgeVery good wine, reasonable price excellent time of delivery will order in the future
5/5 stars on 5/10/2012  [Verified Purchase]
Excellent Wine!I tried this wine first at Carabba's and loved it! I'm sooo happy that I found it here and was able to buy it! It's soo smooth and rich! Love it and everybody should try it!
5/5 stars on 4/4/2012  [Verified Purchase]
Red LoverThis is wine that changed me into a red wine lover! Velvet and smooth with a buttery after taste
5/5 stars on 3/24/2012  [Verified Purchase]
Really nice wineMy wife and I really enjoy this wine. I enjoy the mildness and fruity flavor. Probably not a good wine for an educated palate but my lack of education hasn't hurt me yet when it comes to this wine.
5/5 stars on 2/3/2012  [Verified Purchase]
Very Good WineWe tasted first at Carabba's also. When we asked about it we were told it was sold only to restaurants. It is a very smooth and does not have the flat and bitter taste that most red wines have to me. I was so glad to find a place to order it.
5/5 stars on 1/28/2012  [Verified Purchase]
Good drinkable table wine
4/5 stars on 3/6/2011  [Verified Purchase]
Copper Ridge Cabernet SauvignonWe first tasted it at Carabba's, liked it and asked what it was. Cannot find it wine stores! Light bodied wine that is very drinkable. Not overwhelming. We keep a bottle open all of the time!
4/5 stars on 3/6/2011  [Verified Purchase]
5/5 stars on 2/5/2011
my first tryI went to a restaurant and I ask for a glass of red cabernet sauvignon and they gave me a glass of Copper Ridge, I loved it
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