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Type: Italian Red Winery: Opici Vineyards Region: Spain

Opici 'Sangria 3.0L' 100% Tempranillo 3.0L Box

Item Number: 9364
Case: $143.40
Opici 'Sangria 3.0L' 100% Tempranillo 3.0L Box

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"In accordance with Spanish legislation and - more importantly - tradition, Opici Sangria is made using the long-established recipe. Approximately 65% red wine produced in La Mancha from Tempranillo grapes  the oldest wine-producing region in the country  is combined with 30% water, 5% pure cane sugar and a touch of citrus fruit extract (approximately 0.1%) manufactured in Valencia  home to the best oranges and lemons in Spain. The ingredients are mixed together in special tanks with stirring arms. The blend is then filtered and bottled." ~ Winery notes
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