Type: Moscato Winery: Primo Amore Region: Italy >  Puglia

Primo Amore Moscato

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Primo Amore Moscato

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"This refreshing and fruit Moscato wine comes from the warm Southern vineyards of Puglia. Primo Amore, or first love expreses the joy of discovery experienced when a wine drinker first encounters the sweetness amd enticing fragrance of the delicate wine.
Moscato wine (sometimes spelled as Muscato), comes from the Muscat grape, which is a sweet, white grape and from it we get delicious snacks such as the actual grape and raisins and beautiful, sweet and delicate wines of a number of different varieties, including a delightful sparkling wine in a number of different regions. Not only are there a number of different varieties of the wines that are made by the Muscat grape, the grape itself is found in no less than a few hundred varieties with other regions and countries blending the Muscat with other types of grapes to make its own hybrids.

In addition to being so versatile and revered by the wineries of the world, the Muscat grape is possible the oldest grape variety in the world and may have been used as part of the celebration of King Midas' funeral as it was found among the items in the burial mound." ~Winery Notes

Customer Reviews

5/5 stars on 4/23/15  [Verified]
5/5 stars on 4/20/15  [Verified]
5/5 stars on 4/19/15  [Verified]
Primo!!??Not a wine drinker? This is for you!
5/5 stars on 4/19/15
Love this wine!I sampled this wine this week at the Olive Garden and I absolutely fell in love. I gotta have it I'm just beginning my search I hope I can find it locally.
5/5 stars on 4/18/15  [Verified]
Just great!!!
5/5 stars on 4/16/15  [Verified]
5/5 stars on 4/15/15  [Verified]
5/5 stars on 4/13/15
Love Love LOVE this wine!!I tried this wine at Olive Garden over the weekend and started searching today. This site will be my backup!! Luckily my local beverage depot is able to order it for next day delivery to them! I hope it is the same wine, if not I will be back.
5/5 stars on 4/9/15  [Verified]
Fantastic!I normally hate wine this is awesome!
4/5 stars on 3/28/15  [Verified]
5/5 stars on 3/24/15  [Verified]
Taste of ChoiceIts just that good!
5/5 stars on 3/17/15  [Verified]
5/5 stars on 2/17/15  [Verified]
Very refreshing sweet white wine!
5/5 stars on 2/14/15  [Verified]
A really great wine
5/5 stars on 2/8/15  [Verified]
Great wineI love this wine and ordered some,but I dont see what size the bottles are.
5/5 stars on 2/5/15  [Verified]
Worth It!Fast shipping!!! first tried at olive garden and they are over pricing their bottles 25$ each. I hope you will always keep in stock will be ordering all the time...
5/5 stars on 1/21/15  [Verified]
Primo Amore MoscatoLove this wine. Discovered it at olive garden. Was thrilled to find a company that carries it. Please continue to keep it in stock.
5/5 stars on 1/4/15  [Verified]
Worth the shipping cost!LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this wine!
5/5 stars on 12/22/14  [Verified]
5/5 stars on 11/30/14  [Verified]
DeliciousI order this wine often and I live in California. The shipping is expensive but it's the best. Worth getting a case for yourself.
2/5 stars on 11/23/14
Olive Garden overpricing customers be awareOverall, purchased this bottle of wine at Olive Garden for $25 when in fact they could have done better on their pricing based on the SRV. The wine was very sweet for the price however, Therefore, overall, the product did not meet my guests expectations.
5/5 stars on 11/18/14  [Verified]
Absolutely Divine!This is a wonderful brand and the taste is perfect! It doesn't have that alcohol bitter aftertaste that other wines leave. It's smooth and elegant. I first tried this at the Olive Garden as well and I've been buying it ever since. This is the only white Moscato for me, Others don't measure up. I thank Empire for stocking this item. I'm looking forward to serving it for the holiday dinners and New Year's celebration!
5/5 stars on 10/13/14  [Verified]
5/5 stars on 10/12/14
THE BEST!!I love this wine!!! I am ordering a case and it won't be my last!!!!
5/5 stars on 9/28/14  [Verified]
Never Was A Wine Drinker Until Now!!Like many others I had the chance to sample this while having dinner at Olive Garden. I have never been a wine drinker in fact I have never tasted a wine white or red that I have liked even a little bit until I tried this Moscato. I instantly feel in love with this wine. It's very fruity and bubbly almost like it's lightly carbonated. One taste and I was HOOKED. I ask the waiter to write the name of the wine down for me and where i could buy it. She told me the only place she has ever saw it was BevMo. The next day I went to BevMo and they didn't sell this wine. I read other reviews where someone said Walmart sold the wine so I went to 2 different Walmarts and no luck. I called Olive Garden to see how much a bottle would be and they said $25. I'm so glad I've found Empire Wine and they sell this Moscato at a very affortable price. I just purchased 2 bottles and can't wait until they arrive. I sure hope Empire keeps selling this wine and doesn't discontinue it. As long as they are selling it they have got me as a customer and will keep getting my business. Not to mention the half off shipping which made this a no brainer.
5/5 stars on 9/12/14  [Verified]
It's worth the buyLove love love. I have been trying an abundance of wine trying to find the olive garden moscato. This is it! I'm so satisfied and will be buying again. Thank you!
5/5 stars on 9/8/14  [Verified]
Primo Amore MoscatoI don't usually drink wine, but this wine is very good. All my friends that tried it like it too!
5/5 stars on 6/15/14
primoI love it love it. Best moscato ever.
5/5 stars on 3/27/14  [Verified]
5/5 stars on 3/21/14  [Verified]
great wineNot a wine drinker but if you like sweet and wet this is the one for you! Love this wine!
5/5 stars on 3/18/14
MOST AMAZING WINE EVERi am not a huge wine drinker but after tasting this..Wow!! I would highly recommend this to anyone it is so light and bubbly and has the sweetest aftertast that runs so smoothly down your throat mmm
5/5 stars on 2/19/14  [Verified]
5/5 stars on 2/2/14
love it!!!Tastes great never been a fan of wine but this is good. Also I recommend the roscoto red wine
5/5 stars on 2/1/14  [Verified]
The best! of white wine....
5/5 stars on 1/5/14  [Verified]
moscatoIt's a wonderful sweet wine that goes well with salty snacks or not so sweet fruits and desserts.
5/5 stars on 1/4/14
Great wineI have never been a wine drinker, but after trying this at Olive Garden, I became an instant fan. Found it at Wal-Mart tonight. Happy happy happy.
5/5 stars on 12/17/13  [Verified]
IndescribableLike so many reviewers I was first introduced to this wine at Olive Garden. Since that day after purchasing two bottles at the restaurant I was on a mission to find this. Not only were the bottles cheaper but the carrier shipped them out fast. This is my number one bottle and carrier and as long as the consumers continue to be put first they'll always have me as a buyer.
5/5 stars on 12/12/13  [Verified]
finally!My hubby and I always enjoyed this wine at olive garden. We've searched liquor stores for it and no luck. So I finally just got onto google and searched primo mascato wine and it brought me to this website. I was so glad to find that it costs lsss than $10 a bottle we only ordered two this time next time we have more money we are getting more since now we know this is the wine we've been looking for.
5/5 stars on 11/30/13  [Verified]
5/5 stars on 11/19/13  [Verified]
My Favorite MoscatoI first tried this at Olive Garden and fell in love with everything about it. The manager at Olive Garden told me that I would have to buy it through them (only after having a meal there first) and that I would not be able to find it anywhere else. They wanted $30 for a single bottle! I was quite sad at the thought of not being able to have access to this wine easily. Then I found Empire Wine and have been ordering it from here ever since. My husband has tried several wines and did not enjoy any of them until he tasted this wine. Now we get to share a love for wine together. As long as Empire is selling this wine, I will be buying it from there. They have an excellent selection of wines and their packaging is also superb. Friends of ours have not tried this wine yet, and they don't want to eat at Olive Garden just to try it. So I'm ordering another case and will be giving them a bottle each for Christmas. Thank you Empire Wine!
5/5 stars on 11/13/13
I could literally live off this wine.Can't get enough! I love it!!!! Ordering a case for myself.. merry christmas to me!
5/5 stars on 11/13/13  [Verified]
4/5 stars on 11/1/13  [Verified]
5/5 stars on 10/11/13
pannasThe most amazing wine to me. Olive Garden told me I would never find it any where outside of their restaurant. Now I know where. Cheers.
5/5 stars on 10/11/13
pannasThe most amazing wine to me. Olive Garden told me I would never find it any where outside of their restaurant. Now I know where. Cheers.
5/5 stars on 10/11/13
pannasThe most amazing wine to me. Olive Garden told me I would never find it any where outside of their restaurant. Now I know where. Cheers.
5/5 stars on 9/18/13  [Verified]
5/5 stars on 7/12/13  [Verified]
A++++++ Empire Wines I Love YouI have searched for about a year to find this wine all over. West Virginia, Virginia, New York City, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Maryland, and PA. The only place I can find this is at Olive Garden which is where I first got the sweet taste of this nectar. The problem there is #1 you have to open the bottle in the restaurant and drink at least two glasses before taking it home. #2 The price is over double of what you can buy the wine on here for. So finally after a couple months of debating I decided to order a case from Empire Wine.My case arrived today and I was like a kid in the candy store. The bottles were packaged great and secured individually so they couldn't move in the doubled up box. I inspected all the bottles for cracks and/or leaking and there is none on any of the bottles. GREAT JOB Empire! You will be getting more orders from me in the future for wines that I can not locate. Especially this beauty. Please never stop selling this as long as it is available.
5/5 stars on 6/28/13
AMAZING!!!I hated the particular taste of wine in general, that was until I tried Muscato Primo Amore at the new Olive Garden around where my grandmother lives. I am almost positive that if I were to have had this wine the very first time I ever drank any alcoholic beverage, I would have become addicted. :) Overall whoever says they don't like wine, haven't had this wine in particular. Very great (:
5/5 stars on 6/11/13  [Verified]
Fabulous!!!The best wine ever! I never liked wine until I tried this at The Olive Garden. Needless to say from that moment I was hooked, I went on a search for this wine and found it at Empire wine . Empire had the best price and super fast shipping time. I would definitely recommend them.
5/5 stars on 5/24/13  [Verified]
Best Moscato Yet!!!!!!
5/5 stars on 5/21/13  [Verified]
5/5 stars on 5/18/13  [Verified]
Absolutely STUPENDOUS!!!!Had this wine at Olive Garden and was HOOKED!!!! Found Empire-was skeptical, but very pleasantly surprised! Super service n delicious wine! Will be ordering another case SOON!!! Thanks
5/5 stars on 3/30/13  [Verified]
LOVE ITI had this wine at Olive Garden several times and it is delicious...finally found it here...I'm so excited!!!!!
5/5 stars on 3/30/13  [Verified]
LOVE ITI had this wine at Olive Garden several times and it is delicious...finally found it here...I'm so excited!!!!!
5/5 stars on 3/30/13  [Verified]
5/5 stars on 3/26/13  [Verified]
5/5 stars on 3/19/13  [Verified]
So happy!I have been searching all of my local stores for this wine. Of course, I had it at the Olive Garden, and wanted more! My sister hasn't tried it yet, and I can't wait to bring it over for a much needed girls' night :)
5/5 stars on 3/13/13  [Verified]
After much searching....I had been searching online for this wine. I am a wine drinker. When I found this wine, I convinced my best friend to taste. She was a convert! I compared all online sites and found Empire to be the easiest to use and the best price for shipping. Thanks to you Empire Wine for just doing what you do :)
5/5 stars on 3/6/13  [Verified]
Best wineI was not a wine drinker until I tasted this one. Fell in love instantly.
5/5 stars on 3/5/13  [Verified]
Best wine EVER!!!This is the best wine for people who usually do not drink wine. It is sweet and fruity. I love that is sparkling too. Would recommend to anyone. Absolutely love it!! Hope they don't discontinue!!
5/5 stars on 3/4/13  [Verified]
Wish I had moreI was in love after I had it at Olive Garden and when I found it at Empire Wine my friends went crazy, but we finish this wine too quickly!
4/5 stars on 12/20/12  [Verified]
Great wine if you like sweet wineIf you like this wine, you will like any Di' Asti Wine. This is a dessert wine, which is why it is interesting that Olive Garden serves this with any dinner. Olive Garden made this popular and good wine, especially for the price.
5/5 stars on 12/18/12  [Verified]
my first loveI wasn't s wine drinker, but when I decided to start I figured I'd go to olive gardens:) Im so glad it was offered to me that ! My first love.. I ordered 6 bottles & I just Hope they get here by Christmas eve!
5/5 stars on 12/16/12  [Verified]
GOT MY ATTENTION!never cared for wine..had sample at olive garden....changed my mind...hope i get my order before christmas...
5/5 stars on 12/16/12  [Verified]
5/5 stars on 12/4/12  [Verified]
Excellent!!I had the wine at Olive Garden was not able to fine ....Thank You Empire Wine! I have shared with all my friends.
5/5 stars on 11/19/12  [Verified]
Wife absolutely loves itTried it for the fist time at the Olive Garden and then couldn't find it anywhere thank god for empire wine. You guys rock
5/5 stars on 9/30/12  [Verified]
FINALLY!Well it's seems to be spreading this crazy insanely delicious fine has finally arrived. Had to buy at least 4 bottles and am back to purchase more because we shared with everyone. Olive Garden is where we fist tasted this wine and it is what everyone is saying about it. BUY A CASE!! love love love it, having some now.
4/5 stars on 9/14/12  [Verified]
Absolutly fabulous!I first tried this wine at Olive Garden. I was hooked! This is the best wine I've ever had the plesure to drink. After much searching I'm so glad that I finally found a distributor. The shipping is a little pricy and wish they would offer special shipping deals on the number of bottles you buy. I give all 4 stars to the taste of the wine the only reason I didn't give 5 was because of the shipping. I definatly recommend this wine. I can't wait until my next shipment.
5/5 stars on 9/8/12  [Verified]
Not giving any bottle of this at Christmas...it's all OURS!The manufacturer of this sinfully delicious vino must be in cahoots with Olive Garden! Who could pass a free sample? GOTCHA! One bottle later and we're lucky enuf to finally locate a distributor. Now, I'll be making my honey some good homemade italian food while he cracks open a chilled bottle (or two). CHEERS!
5/5 stars on 8/20/12  [Verified]
Happiness In A Glass!If you like a lighter, sweet wine then I urge you to try this one. Primo Amore's Moscato is excellent, slightly effervescent and a joy to drink. For me, my review title says it all: it IS the distilled essence of happiness, served ice cold in a glass. There's no downside to this wine and I am thrilled to be able to purchase it directly. Thank you Empire Wine!!
5/5 stars on 8/10/12
shippingI had this wine @ olive garden. this is the first wine that I've ever liked. couldn't wait to have more. I was so excited to find this and couldn't wait to place an order for a bottle. but then i saw the shipping costs and had to cancel the order. this is an amazing wine and the price pffered by empire is great, but $24 to ship 1 bottle is way too expensive.
5/5 stars on 7/31/12
BRAVO BRAVO!!!!I to had the wine at Olive Garden several months back, and I had to buy the bottle. As soon as I returned home that evening from Olive Garden I went searching for this wine. I told my girlfriends about this brand of Moscato, and they are looking forward to tasting it.I'm so grateful that I found you all.
5/5 stars on 7/31/12  [Verified]
Wife simply loves it!!!!My wife loves the moscato wines. She tasted this at Olive Garden and instantly fell in love with it. Think she may love it more than me after 48 years. Your prices are fantastic so I ordered a case for her. Ordered it on the 26th of July and it was here on the 30th. GREAT SERVICE1111111111111111111111 We will be ordering more.
5/5 stars on 7/17/12
best wine i ever had!!!!!!i had this wine at olive garden as well and we ended up buying the whole bottle to bring home with us! this is by far the best wine that i have ever tasted and im so glad i found this site because no store around my area sells it!!
5/5 stars on 7/10/12
5/5 stars on 6/28/12
True to Its Name!!!!I had the pleasure of first ever having tasted this wine while at dinner with my husband at Olive Garden a few months ago as well. Can you say...Remarkable?!!! I absolutely love Moscato and this is truly a "must-have". I see that several people have had the pleasure of enjoying this wine at Ollive Garden..could it be they've truly put it on the map??..lol. It most definately lives up to its name, and for anyone who's never had Moscato, I recommend you start with this one. It will surely be your "first love" and possibly your only...
5/5 stars on 6/20/12  [Verified]
Absolutely Wonderful!My fiance and I tried this wine on Valentine's Day at Olive Garden and fell in love with it! Moscato is our favorite and this one blew our regular out of the water. We came home and searched for it right away and have been enjoying each bottle since. We are getting married next month and this wine will be making an appearance! :)
5/5 stars on 5/19/12  [Verified]
Best Moscato I Have Ever Had!!!Like many others, I searched for this wine after having it at Olive Garden and could not find it! It's the best moscato I have had and I don't drink any other wines but moscatos (so not an expert but I know when I taste something good). I recommended this company to all of my friends who are wine lovers. I will be buying some for a wedding soon! :)
5/5 stars on 5/14/12  [Verified]
Heaven in a BottleLove love love this wine!
5/5 stars on 5/4/12
5/5 stars on 4/6/12  [Verified]
Love it!!My girlfriends and I had this at Olive Garden on our mommy's night out. And Im not a fan of alcohol but when I tried this wine it was exquisite! Search every store and couldn't find it. I didn't want to spend $25 at Olive Garden, so i searched online. Empire wine had it and it was a whole lot cheaper. My girlfriends and I chipped in on buying a case so were set for the year! Thanks Empire Wine!!
5/5 stars on 3/16/12  [Verified]
The Best WineLoved at Olive Garden and knew I had to find it. This wine is like Ice Wine from Canada. Love it, sending some to my son in Calif. also. Thank You Empire Wine for this wine at a great price & fast shipping.
5/5 stars on 3/1/12
Awesome and inexpensiveI too had a glass of the delicious bubbly at Olive Garden for $6 a glass. This is a great inexpensive wine. I tend to only like sweet "wet" wines, and this was both. Unfourtunately I couldn't find any at the local markets so I searched the internet and found this site...Thanks!!!
5/5 stars on 2/23/12
Primo Amore MoscatoOh Boy! This is the best Moscato I've tasted. I too had it at Olive Garden for $25.00 a bottle. I've ordered a case and I'm sure I will be back for more. Thanks for having it in stock! Rate it a 10+!Anita 02/23/2012
5/5 stars on 2/21/12
Paula 2/21/2012WOW..this wine was fantastic. We had it on Valentine's Day at Olive Garden. I immediately set out to locate a bottle for home, but could not find one. Searched the internet and found you! Thank you for a "delish" wine - loved it.
5/5 stars on 2/19/12
YUM, Delicious, TRULY AWESOME!!!!!Wow this such a wonderful wine. It is my favorite wine.We also first had this wine at Olive Garden. We have looked at our local wine stores but none have it. So glad to find it here!
5/5 stars on 2/16/12  [Verified]
AWESOME :-)I had this wine at Olive Garden and fell in Love with it Immediately, So I had to find it to have at home...
5/5 stars on 2/16/12
Finest Moscato Wines =DThis moscato wine is sooo baller. I had this on Valintines Day with my fiance at Oliver's Garden in Jersey. Can't wait to get my 7 bottles from Empire Wines!! Thanks Empire, you guys are the best.
5/5 stars on 2/12/12  [Verified]
Most appreciated flavor.........OMG, I was never a wine drinker until I came across this @ Olive Garden. I purchased a bottle for my wife's birthday(she got me started) and had to find more for less than the $27 they sold it for. Just ordered my first case of many to come! Not enough stars for this one 5+
5/5 stars on 2/6/12  [Verified]
Excellent Sweet WhiteI fell in love with this wine when I tried it at Olive Garden. I purchased a bottle from them at their inflated price of 25.00 and decided to look online. So glad I found this site that I ordered a case. With shipping and handling it equates to 10.37 a bottle. Not a bad price for such a delicious wine. The wine has a sweet fruity taste that is light and refreshing. Goes great with pasta dishes. For those who like sweet white wine, I highly recommend this!
5/5 stars on 2/6/12
Love this!Like a lot of other responses, my fiance and I had this for his 33rd Birthday while eating w/ his family. HE LOVED IT! And he doesn't drink at all. I loved the sparkle, sweet fruity flavor with little bite. It was great. He even got an extra bottle for home that we had gone the very next day.
5/5 stars on 1/23/12
Very wonderful wine!This was a great first wine for me to try! I am not a drinker but when I turned 30 I wanted to start trying wines!!! Loved this one!
5/5 stars on 1/22/12  [Verified]
Great wine for which you don't have to acquire a taste!Like many others, my husband and I tried this at Olive Garden. Loved the flavor (so sweet and fruity with a little fizziness), but not the $6.95 per glass price. Was so glad to find it on this website where I can get a bottle for just a little more than the glass at the restaurant. This will be so nice to have for special occassions. I may have to have a bottle shipped to my sis-in-law for her birthday! If you don't usually like alcoholic beverages, you will still like this one...try it!!
5/5 stars on 1/9/12  [Verified]
Delicious for the Non-Wine Drinker ;)Every family gathering, never could have more than a few sips of whatever wine was there. Even the "sweet" ones had more of an undesirable taste than desirable (for me). I like sweet and fruity- no acquiring taste needed kind of thing. This stuff is great! I had only 1/4 of a glass at Olive Garden (price too high) but I knew I had to find this! They said they owned the rights or something... "blah blah blah" is all I heard. Searched online and this place seems to have the best price/shipping. Although I would LOVE a deal on shipping. Going to get a case in 2 days. As long as the price doesn't hike up, I plan to be a regular shopper. If the price goes down(shipping)... oh no! :) Seriously delicious. If you haven't had it - taste it at Olive Garden. Then come back here and get a few bottles. Or a case like me. :)
5/5 stars on 1/6/12
AmazingI just started drinking wine recently. I'm usually a martini girl. So while my friend and I were holiday shopping we decided to take a break at the Olive Garden and we ended up sampling this wine. It was so yummy.
5/5 stars on 1/3/12  [Verified]
DeliciousMy husband and all of our friends and family love this wine. They drink it like it's water. Great tasting and a big hit during the holidays!
5/5 stars on 12/19/11  [Verified]
Great!Went to Olive Garden for our 1st aniversary and had this one, loved it. We paid $24 for the bottle, searched the web trying to find it and found this web site and just ordered a case. Can't wait to receive it.
5/5 stars on 12/15/11
best i ever had!!I tasted this wine at olive garden and it is my favorite!! i will be ordering some for my wedding this march!!! i just have to serve it for my wedding!!
5/5 stars on 12/15/11
awesomeme and some co-workers went to olive garden and drank some of this moscato primo amore and i swear its the best wine i have ever had and i also have been everywhere looking for it anybody and everybody must have
5/5 stars on 12/13/11  [Verified]
Wonderful!I tried this at Olive Garden and had to purchase a bottle. At $27.00 a bottle I decided I needed to find someplace else. Thanks...I'm getting a case here!!!
5/5 stars on 12/5/11  [Verified]
THE BEST IVE HAD IN A VERY VERY LONG TIMElike everyone else, tried this at Olive Garden...went looking for it at Total Wine, found a knock of version, it was good, but not as good as this. I just ordered a case....
5/5 stars on 11/30/11
LOVE THIS WINE!!!I had this wine at Olive Garden the other day and I have been searching local stores for it and can't find it anywhere! This wine is absolutely the best!
5/5 stars on 11/19/11
5/5 stars on 11/16/11
AMAZING!!!!!!!I tried this wine today at Olive Garden with a friend and gotta get me some......
5/5 stars on 11/14/11
AWESOME WINE!!!!!!!It deserves a 10+. I love this wine so much I have been searching the internet to find it. I too discovered this at Olive Garden. YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4/5 stars on 11/7/11  [Verified]
Great!Must be the odd one here because I didn't discover this at Olive Garden! :-) Friend turned me on to this a couple weeks ago and was very impressed!
5/5 stars on 11/3/11
LOVE THIS WINE!!!This has got to be the BEST MOSCATO EVER!!!! I will definitely be giving these as Christmas Presents!!
5/5 stars on 10/19/11
No Joke!I don't think there is much more to be said. This is a delicious wine and Empire is an amazing website! I wish every shopping experience were as easy as this!
5/5 stars on 10/16/11  [Verified]
AwesomeMy husband & I had this at Olive Garden here in South Jersey and like Kizzy said, it is $23 a bottle there. Just a great wine with a few bubbles and a great sweet taste. We just ordered a case and I am sure it will not be the last. Very hard to find in stores around here so we thank Empire Wine for making it so easy & affordable to get this really awesome wine.
5/5 stars on 10/11/11  [Verified]
So good!The other reviews say it all! This is my wine of the year!
5/5 stars on 10/8/11
Loved ItMy fiance and I ate at Oliver Garden and tried this new Moscato and we LOVED it. I starting searching online to find where to buy us some for our house. Because at Oliver Garden NC its $23 a bottle. Anyone who loves Moscato needs to try Primo Amore.
5/5 stars on 10/3/11  [Verified]
AMAZINGas well as the other 2 reviews so far fell in love with this bottle at Olive Garden with my husband, which at our Olive Garden is $26 A boTTLE with shipping I got mine on here for around $11 a bottle I just ordered a case it's AMAZING awesome if you like Moscato a MUST soooo smooth and awesome!
5/5 stars on 10/1/11  [Verified]
Fantastic wine!My husband and I recently ate at Olive Garden and tried the Moscato Primo Amore wine and it is fabulous. We just ordered a case! Love it!
5/5 stars on 9/3/11  [Verified]
Great!!!!Tried this at olive garden with my wife and we fell in love with it....one of the best moscatos out there...Highly recommend
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