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Roscato Rosso Dolce

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Roscato Rosso Dolce

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"Northern Italy provides a spectacular backdrop for Roscato, a violet-hued red with aromatic notes of cherry, blackberry and red raspberry. A touch of sweetness and bright acidity underlies the appeal of this charming wine. "~ Winery Notes

"Roscato Rosso Dolce is a blush wine produced in the Moscato d'Asti style, with residual sugars giving it an off-dry finish. Instead of the Moscato (Muscat Blanc) grape, it is produced with the red Italian Trentino-Alto Adige grapes Teroldego, Lagrein, and Croatina. This sparkling 'blush' wine has been popularized at Olive Garden restaurants, but is also available from EmpireWine.com."

Customer Reviews

5/5 stars on 4/23/15  [Verified]
5/5 stars on 4/22/15
We locked eyes...I was walking around the liquor store one day and I thought that i felt a tugging at my shirt, I thought it was maybe my girl or the homeless guy that followed me into the liquor store but it was wasn't. It was Roscato. I grabbed the last bottle on the shelf and pretended to read the label like I was actually into that type of shit. I hit the checkout counter and went home and cracked this bottle of new wine that I've never seen before. I must admit I was beaten into submission by the end of the bottle . I struggled to compare it to any wine I've ever tasted, i think of it as a better Mamertino.
5/5 stars on 4/21/15  [Verified]
5/5 stars on 4/20/15  [Verified]
5/5 stars on 4/17/15  [Verified]
I really like this wine. It goes well with any cuisine or can be enjoyed by itself.
5/5 stars on 4/16/15  [Verified]
5/5 stars on 4/4/15
Very Good WineI and my wife are like most of the others. We do not drink much at all. of any kind of alcohol. We have tried wine a few times but just not like that burning feeling you get or that alcohol taste. But someone told us about this wine, we had a change to taste it and we liked it. It was very good, did not give that burning or alcohol taste. We know can go out and order this wine when we are with friends, before we would just order tea or coke or some thing like that. We can and will have this when we have friends over for dinner or some thing. This truly is a very good wine nice and cold, sweet and very pleasing.
5/5 stars on 3/3/15  [Verified]
5/5 stars on 3/1/15  [Verified]
The perfect wineMy wife and I discovered this wine at the local Olive Garden and it's been our absolute favorite wine since. If you enjoy sweet reds, also try Jam Jar sold here at Empire, it's pretty awesome too but no bubbles.
5/5 stars on 2/27/15
RoscattoOmg I am not a wine connesaur however I was very Impressed because it had no yucky sulfide alcoholic flavor it was more Pure Smooth Fruity Flavor Full Flavot
5/5 stars on 12/14/14
Perfect and Delicous!I am very picky about wine and I generally prefer sweeter wines. I picked up a bottle of this at World Market and it was the best bottle of wine I've ever had! It was on sale for $12 (normally $15) and it is by far my new favorite! I am going back for more!
5/5 stars on 12/8/14
simply amazingI'm a huge fan of sweet red wines, but I do have a limit of how sweet it can be. This one is one of my favorites. It has a nice balance. It's not so sweet that it's sickening. If you enjoy the Roscato Ross Dolce try Nissly's Country Cherry!
5/5 stars on 11/21/14  [Verified]
Best RoscatoI am not a fan of red wines, however, this one is perfect. It's not to dry or tart. It has a crisp, sweet and refreshing taste.
5/5 stars on 11/18/14  [Verified]
OMG!!! Can't believe my tastebuds!All I can say is, "There is a God!" This wine is just perfect for those who are not a big fan of red wine (red wine is too bitter and upsets my stomach), but this wine has just the right blend of sweet and bitter and it is so very smooth. Now my meals are balanced. I used to just use white wine with all my meals (although taboo), but now I can use red with meats and whites with fish and pasta! I am balanced and will always have a supply of it for special occassion ... or just because! Try it. You won't go back to mediocre red wine again!
5/5 stars on 11/2/14
5/5 stars on 9/19/14
I couldn't believe what I put in my mouth...It was an experience I will never forget. The first hint of taste delighted my tongue, though tart it still had a sweetness that served my desire for more. Half way in, I knew that this was something that I was going to want over and over. I took my time finishing, not wanting to it to end, but knowing that the final drip on my lips would be as good as the first. I certainly will be back for more... and more.
5/5 stars on 9/15/14
5/5 stars on 7/11/14  [Verified]
Great WineWe love this wine!
5/5 stars on 6/5/14
New Wine DrinkerOMG! I agree with JEANNETTE 100% Been to italy and back and never liked wine. Went to the Olive Garden in Methuan MA and I am addicted to Roscato Red. Have turned many people on to it. Yum Yum let's have a glass!
5/5 stars on 3/4/14  [Verified]
Amazing!!!By far my favorite wine!!!!
5/5 stars on 12/29/13  [Verified]
Love itI never like red wines, but when I tried this one I fell in love with it. I used to drink white now I only drink the Roscato. I had it first at the Olive Garden and have been buying it ever since.
5/5 stars on 12/1/13
RoscatoExcellent Red Wine - sweet. Had it the first time at Carabba's Italian Restaurant. Food and wine were both delicious!
5/5 stars on 11/20/13  [Verified]
5/5 stars on 11/15/13
best wine ever!!!Absolutely love this wine.
5/5 stars on 10/20/13  [Verified]
5/5 stars on 9/29/13  [Verified]
5/5 stars on 9/8/13  [Verified]
I love this wine. It is just the right amount of sweet and fruit for me. I am not a fan of the "dry" wines.
5/5 stars on 8/27/13  [Verified]
Tasty wine if you're a classless heathen, like me!It literally is fizzy. It is like wine soda. It is sweet and fizzy and weak and I only felt the barest twinges of shame when i put a couple ice cubes in it.this is wine for the person who doesn't like wine.This is wine for never ever feeling an alcohol buzz.This wine WILL give you a hangover if you have more than a couple glasses as it is so sweet. I share this wine with everyone I know because, despite how all of this sounds, it is really delicious. It is refreshing and tasty and goes so well with food or cigars or on its own. This is not wine for a snob, aficionado or even a "wine lover."I buy it by the case.
5/5 stars on 8/20/13
....OFF THE CHAINO.M.G....my family and I went to Olive Garden for dinner to celebrate my grandson winning his football game. The waiter brought us this wine to sample.....wow!!!!! We were sold... We ordered two bottles. This is the best wine I have ever had....I searched on line and found this site. Thank goodness!!!!.....awesome!!!!!
5/5 stars on 6/28/13  [Verified]
5/5 stars on 6/10/13  [Verified]
Most delicious wine I have ever had!
5/5 stars on 6/4/13  [Verified]
5/5 stars on 6/4/13  [Verified]
5/5 stars on 3/17/13  [Verified]
DeliciousA wonderful wine for sharing with the girls, at home by yourself or any day of the week with friends!
5/5 stars on 3/15/13  [Verified]
5/5 stars on 3/12/13  [Verified]
5/5 stars on 3/12/13  [Verified]
5/5 stars on 3/9/13
Delish!!!!!I have never been a wine drinker, maybe tasting a glass of White Zinfandel once in a while. I tasted this at Olive Garden, and OMG, it is fantastic. I have to travel about 45 min to buy it, but it's wroth it......fantastic.
5/5 stars on 3/8/13  [Verified]
the best everI first taste it at the olive garden I was going crazy looking for it so I ordered it online but just came to find out you can purchase it In LA for 11 bucks at the betmo wines in Hawthorne
5/5 stars on 2/15/13  [Verified]
5/5 stars on 2/14/13
O-M-G!!!So I have never been much of a wine drinker. Ever since I started dating my husband, we had been trying to find a wine I could drink without cringing! On our honeymoon, we went to Olive Garden in Orlando, FL. Our waitress asked about wine and we told her we liked a sweet homemade wine (we are from Bama). She then brought out the Roscato and we fell in love with it. We go to take the bottle back to our room. This wine is sweet and to me almost tastes like a hint of bubble gum. It's not too sweet, not too bitter. It is absolutely amazing!
5/5 stars on 10/6/12
Taste so goodI was never into red wine because the always taste bitter hard and basically horrid. My favorite wine is white Zinfendale or any sweet white wine but my first taste of roscato I am ready to retire white and stick to roscato. It taste smooth sweet a little fizzy and at the end u have the red wine taste. I searched high and low for it around my neighborhood even in wine stores in manhattan no one have a clue what I'm asking for. What a shame ...
5/5 stars on 9/14/12  [Verified]
5stari got my wine love love i am on my second order
5/5 stars on 8/13/12
AWESOME WINE!!!!I am not a wine drinker at all. I was at a friends house and she had some. I wasn't sure about it but I went ahead and had a sip and oh my goodness it is so yummy!! I went to Harry and David and bought 2 bottles since I get a discount.
5/5 stars on 8/6/12
I like a red wine?I have always been a sweet white wine drinker! Swore I'd never find a red that I liked. Well..... "never say never"! This red wine is sweet but not too sweet and has slight carbonation that makes it just plain old FABULOUS!!!!!
4/5 stars on 8/3/12
find it at most full liquor storesI had this wine at olive garden with a girlfriend and now I get it at two different full liquor stores for like 12$ a bottle.
5/5 stars on 7/19/12  [Verified]
roscatooutstanding love had it at the olivegarden
5/5 stars on 7/17/12
Love at first sip...I am not a big fan of wine, but me and my mother in law ate at olive garden and the waitress ask did we wanna sample some wine. She agreed and I was hesitant but then decided to try it, and Lordy to my surprise it was Like Love at first Sip. I love it so much, but lord it is expensive there so i decided to go home and do some research and here it is at such an amazing price.
5/5 stars on 7/10/12  [Verified]
Something NiceI had this wine for the first time at Olive Garden while on a date. Me not being a fan of red wine i only tried it because he encouraged me to taste it and to my surprise just like him my date the wine was something very nice. I loved every drop of it.So I had good food great wine and even better company. Perfect date.
5/5 stars on 6/29/12
5/5 stars on 6/26/12  [Verified]
it's orgasmicthe best afrodisiac ever taste, i love it
5/5 stars on 5/1/12
Tha411I am gonna give you the scoop on this. I am someone who went to a wine and cheese tasting maybe 10 years ago or more. It was my first time (and last). Being a novice I just picked up a glass of red wine and sipped it. OMG the horror! That stuff tasted like funky gym socks ewwwww! That did it for me I swore off wine altogether. My father later told me I must have gotten hold of a dry red wine. I didn't care I was done. I kid you not it was April 22nd, I was on a date and I trusted the person I was with and he got me to try this. I took a small sip and was like, ok no funky socks. I took a larger sip and actually liked it! I actually wanted to drink it. I had two glasses with dinner. I had to have a bottle. So after work today I went to an Olive Garden (since they told me it was only sold there) and bought a bottle. Sipping right now as I type. Glad I found this site. Now I can obtain it at a more reasonable price. May take longer to get it but I am willing to accept that for the better deal.
5/5 stars on 4/29/12
elainebest wine ever !!!!!!!!!!!! love it
5/5 stars on 4/23/12
ExcellentI get this wine everytme I go to Olice Garden its 6.95 a glass my last visit I purchased a bottle for 25$ expensive but this is my all time favorite and I wish the stores around where I live will start saling this!
5/5 stars on 3/20/12  [Verified]
ivyblueI tasted this at Olive Garden and ended up buying a bottle. It taste very good. It's the best wine I ever tasted. It's good to find it cheaper online. I paid $30 for one bottle at Olive Garden.
5/5 stars on 3/4/12
New favoriteReceived a bottle of this for Christmas. It is my new favorite, the best I think I've ever had.
5/5 stars on 2/27/12  [Verified]
LOVE THIS!This wine is the best wine that i have tried in a long time. I urge anyone to try this!
5/5 stars on 11/6/11
Are you kidding me?This wine is so soft, its like a breath of fresh air. If you enjoy Moscato wines and eating Olive Garden foods, then you will love this.
5/5 stars on 11/6/11
My new favorite wine!I tried this at the Olive Garden and let me tell you, it is an ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL bottle of wine. Easily has become a new favorite next to my go to bottle, Primo Amore. I urge Moscato drinkers everywhere to give this one a shot.
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