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Adirondack Winery 'Soaring Strawberry' Riesling NV
" Tasting notes: This light and refreshing white wine offers the delightfully sweet aroma of fresh-picked field strawberries blended with a rich melange of honey, tropical fruit and floral flavors. Try it chilled for added invigorating freshness. Food pairings: Pair with a salad, fruit plate, mild
Item Number: 8932
Case: $119.40

Adirondack Winery 'Red Carriage' Cranberry NV
" The crisp taste of fresh cranberries is harmoniously blended with the fruity, velvety richness of Chianti in this sweet, plum-red wine. Robust, yet elegant, semi-sweet cranberry flavors make it the perfect companion. " - Winery
Item Number: 23394
Case: $107.40

Adirondack Winery 'Amethyst Sunset' Red NV
" Blackberry Merlot TASTING NOTES: Reward your passion for intense, exotic flavors with this garnet-colored, semi-sweet, light red wine. Succulent blackberry and ripe currant flavors round out this rich, fruity Merlot. FOOD PAIRINGS: Pair this wine with sweet BBQ, light salads, ice cream,
Item Number: 9142
Case: $131.40

Adirondack Winery 'Wild Red' Red NV
" Black Cherry Pinot Noir  TASTING NOTES: This light-bodied, semi-sweet Pinot Noir presents the succulent flavor of ripe black cherries balanced by a subtle touch of tannins. FOOD PAIRINGS: Pair it with Cajun cuisine, sweet Barbeque, shellfish, or berry-based desserts. CHEESE PAIRINGS: Brie or
Item Number: 9477
Case: $131.40

Adirondack Winery 'Orchard Blossom' White NV
" Green Apple Gewurztraminer Tasting notes: This semi-sweet white wine is intensely flavorful, reminiscent of a freshly cut green apple. The pleasant soft acidity and luscious, fruity aroma of this crisp Gewurztraminer make it a great refresher. Food pairing: Spicy cuisines, wild game, sushi. For
Item Number: 11703
Case: $131.40

Adirondack Winery Cabernet Franc
"Our Cabernet Franc is a deep, dry red wine offering a peppery perfume that combines nicely with raspberry and violet tones, a touch of spice and a smooth finish."~Winery Notes
Item Number: 22995
Case: $155.40
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Adirondack Winery 'Prospect Mountain White' NV
"Peach Chardonnay Tasting notes: The luscious scent of ripe peaches explodes from this exceptionally crisp, flavorful semi-sweet Chardonnay. Pale straw in color, this wine is a natural addition to a lazy afternoon by the lake, or an evening BBQ. Food pairings: Pair it with fruit salads or desserts
Item Number: 8933
Case: $119.40

Adirondack Winery Baco Noir NV
" This medium-bodied dry red wine offers just the right balance of oak, tannin and light acidity to please the palate with its fruit forward blackberry and plum notes. " ~ Winery notes
Item Number: 23305
Case: $131.40

Adirondack Winery 'Serene White' White NV
" Kiwi Melon Pinot Grigio. TASTING NOTES: This light, semi-sweet white wine captures mouth-watering flavors of fresh honeydew melon and juicy watermelon. Perfectly balanced with tones of tart kiwi, this Pinot Grigio has a deliciously fruity finish. FOOD PAIRINGS: Pair it with poultry, fish and

Adirondack Winery 'Semillon' White NV
"TASTING NOTES: Our Semillon is a rich, dry white wine with a golden hue. A slightly lemon aroma and flavor, as well as grassy tones, make this wine distinct.  FOOD PAIRINGS: This wine goes superbly with whitefish and shellfish and is more than a match for creamy pasta sauces. Also try it with

Adirondack Winery Pinot Noir NV
TASTING NOTES: A medium bodied Pinot Noir with aromas and flavors of black cherry, raspberry and strawberry, buttery-toasted tones and a nice acid on the finish. FOOD PAIRINGS: A versatile red wine, pair it with nearly any red or white meat. It also plays well with creamy sauces and spicy

Adirondack Winery 'Blue Twilight' Red Blend NV
" Blueberry Shiraz Blend.  Tasting notes: Imagine an inviting bowl of plump & juicy sweet blueberries and add a splash of Shiraz! This light, semi-sweet red wine offers an exciting combination of dark fruit flavors with a delicate touch of tannins and structure. Food parings: Spicy cuisine, pizza

Adirondack Winery'Berry Blush' Raspberry White Zinfandel NV
" Tasting notes: This easy drinking blush wine offers the succulent, mouth-watering flavors of sweet, ripe raspberries blended gracefully with fresh floral notes on the nose, ending with a soft finish. Awards: SILVER, 2012 Florida State Fair Food parings: Pairs well with sweet barbeque, Asian or

Adirondack Winery Chardonnay NV
"Tasting notes: This very lightly oaked dry white wine shows ripe pear fruit on the nose and is extraordinarily well balanced -- slight tones of vanilla and coconut come through on the finish. Food Pairings: Pair it with Thai cuisine, tropical fruit salads, pasta with cream sauce, mushrooms,

Adirondack Winery 'Mellow Blush' Red Blend NV
" TASTING NOTES: This refreshing blush wine presents all the characteristics of a slice of fresh watermelon touched by slight tones of mixed berries. Balanced with satisfying crispness and juicy sweetness, it is best served chilled to enjoy its invigorating flavor. FOOD PAIRINGS: While perfect by