Dr. Frank

Dr. Frank 'Dry' Riesling 2012
" Our 2012 Dry Riesling presents a characteristic Keuka Lake Riesling minerality. Zesty acidity enhances the lively floral and tangerine flavors of this wine.The 2012 Dry Riesling has a classic pale straw color with a crisp green hue. The nose shows typical Keuka Lake minerality and fresh lemon
Item Number: 806
Bottle: $12.95
Case: $155.40

Dr. Frank Fleur de Pinot Noir NV
Winery NotesFleur de Pinot Noir is a non-vintage Pinot made from the fruit of our younger vines. It's a lovely garnet color, with aromas of plums and cherries and a bright, charming flavor. It's young, but because the new vines produce grapes with lots of fruit flavor and little tannin, it's quite
Item Number: 1234
Bottle: $13.95
Case: $167.40

Dr. Frank 'Semi Dry' Riesling 2012
" The 2012 Semi-Dry Riesling presents a light golden hue and a nose of orange blossom, lavender and pear. A vibrant mouth feel reveals flavors of apple, peach, mandarin oranges and a zesty fruit finish. Serve with light spicy foods or dessert. " ~ Winery notes
Item Number: 1227
Bottle: $12.45
Case: $149.40

Dr. Frank Gewurztraminer 2012
"The 2012 Gew├╝rztraminer has aromas of basil, tangerine, orange blossom and candied bananas." ~ Winery notes
Item Number: 1230
Bottle: $14.95
Case: $179.40

Chateau Frank Celebre Cremant NV
"This delicious, fruity Cremant style sparkling wine made from the Riesling grape is a very inviting, easy-to-drink sparkling wine. Apple, honey and spicy aromas on a solid acidic backbone gives this wine a great balance and fruity forwardness. A touch of sweetness makes it the perfect celebratory
Item Number: 4509
Bottle: $16.95
Case: $203.40
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Dr. Frank Chardonnay 2012
Item Number: 4796
Bottle: $12.95
Case: $155.40

Dr. Frank Rkatsiteli 2010
"One of the oldest vinifera grape varieties known to man, Rkatsiteli is an elegant dry wine which presents a bouquet of fresh flowers and herbs balanced with wonderful fruit and crisp acidity. A wine for lovers of crisp acidity, this wine has a steely acid bite on the finish that matched its citrus
Item Number: 4602
Bottle: $15.95
Case: $191.40
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