Sandeman 'Armada' Rich Cream Oloroso Sherry
"Sandeman Armada Rich Cream is a premium quality Oloroso Sherry. Careful ageing for more than seven years in the ancient Solera develops its complexity and roundness. A small amount of very rich Pedro Ximenez Sherry, made from sun dried grapes, is blended in to create a rich but complex combination.
Item Number: 6089
Bottle: $12.95
Case: $155.40

Sandeman 'Character' Medium Dry Amontillado
"Aromatic and complex on the nose, slightly pungent, with notes of PX. Medium golden in colour with hints of red amber. Very harmonious on the palate, with an agreeable touch of sweetness at the first moment, giving way to a nutty complexity and a long clean finish." ~Winery notes
Item Number: 7503
Bottle: $12.95
Case: $155.40

Sandeman 'Rainwater' Rainwater Madeira NV
"Medium light amber colour with pronounced golden highlights. Clean nutty aromas, light complexity and very agreeable. Brilliant wine - a good quality young Madeira in evolution. Medium flavour, nutty and slighty complex, with a good clean finish." ~Winery notes
Item Number: 6088
Bottle: $15.95
Case: $191.40

Sandeman Tawny Porto NV
"Selected from the lighter wines of each year, these Portos are chosen for ageing in small oak casks to develop their style. Sandeman Porto Tawny has the fruit and style of great Porto but with an added finesse.Clear red amber colours with a light intense body, open up to aromas of vanilla and
Item Number: 14877
Bottle: $11.95
Case: $143.40

Sandeman '30year' 30year Tawny Porto
"Wines destined for the 30-year-old are selected early: must be dark, structured, intense wines. Lovely burnished tawny colour with a hint of ruby at the core. Beautifully nutty and spicy, with layered biscuit and toffee notes, a suggestion of dried figs and orange. The palate has lovely sweetness.
Item Number: 6790
Bottle: $72.95
Case: $875.40
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Sandeman Founder's Reserve Porto
87  Wine Spectator 
Wine Spectator 87"Fresh and vibrant, with good focus to the plum, dark currant and dark chocolate flavors. The balanced finish offers notes of berry and spice. Drink now." - K.M.
Item Number: 4748
Bottle: $14.95
Case: $179.40

Sandeman '40 year' Tawny Porto
91  Wine Spectator 
Wine Spectator 91"Still fresh and zesty, with vibrant citrus and dried mango flavors that offer candied ginger notes. Finishes with plenty of spice notes, along with hints of anise. Drink now." –KM
Item Number: 8113
Bottle: $113.95
Case: $1,367.40
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Sandeman '20yr' 20 Year Tawny Port
91  Wine Spectator 
Wine Spectator 91"A very well-aged tawny boasting wonderful honey, almond, nut and orange character. Medium-bodied and very sweet, delicate, silky texture and long, long finish""A rich yet elegant combination of flavours - dried apricots, honey, nuts, spices, vanilla - creates an endlessly
Item Number: 4549
Bottle: $43.95
Case: $527.40

Sandeman 'Vau Vintage' 2000 Vintage Porto
90  Robert Parker 
Robert Parker 90"The dense purple-colored, seriously-structured 2000 Vau Vintage reveals outstanding ripeness in addition to abundant amounts of black currant, cassis, and mineral characteristics as well as firm tannin in the finish. Fuller-bodied, richer, and significantly more impressive than
Item Number: 6635
Bottle: $32.95
Case: $395.40