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Carolans Irish Cream 1.75L image
Carolans Irish Cream 1.75L
Posted Mar 26, 2020[Verified]
"This is what I call cream for my coffee. I love the sweetness.Empire Wine is the best. Always a fair price and their staff are always knowledgeable and helpful. Their pickup and delivery to car service can't be beat.May 4, 2020 Update Still love the product, however, I'm very disappointed with the service provided from Empire Wine. First of all, they now charge you for curbside pickup it's either 2.99 or 3.99. All for putting your item in boxes they must have hundreds of they charge you. I feel they should feel blessed that the store is open during these very difficult times AND the staff actually have a job as so many do not. In my most recent experience, I could not get internet service on my phone to pull up my order and explained to a staff member that I had an order to pick up. I had everything on me to prove that it was me and my order and they made me get out of my car on a walker, as I am recovering from recent hip surgery, and go into the store. I asked if I'd get my processing fee returned and they had no comment. I used to love doing business with Empire Wine, but no more. I will take my business elsewhere where they offer the service for free AND extend a courtesy to a disabled person."
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