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Bodegas Pedro Regalado 'Embocadero' Tempranillo 2014
Good tempranillo
Have to agree with others. Nice tempranillo that's true to the name. If you typically like this grape this is a good representation of its beauty.
Review added on: 6/2/18  [Verified]
Vilalva Reserva Douro 2015
very approachable
Nice everyday red. Very approachable from the beginning. Lacks depth and doesn't evolve much 2nd day (if you have any left :) but still a nice bottle
Review added on: 6/2/18  [Verified]
Chateau Pesquie Terrasses Grenache/Syrah 2015
1st day: very spicy, hot on first day2nd day: mellowed a bit but still the opposite of soft and subtleA wine for food but still would not purchase again
Review added on: 5/28/18  [Verified]
Fratelli Saraceni 'Libero' Toscana IGT 2010
Ho Hum. Didn't get the wow factor here. Drinkable but nothing stands out day 1.
Review added on: 5/25/18  [Verified]
Bruno Rocca 'Trifole' Dolcetto d'Alba 2015
not impressed
Just kind of flat....never opened up. Drinkable but nothing jumps out at you.
Review added on: 5/24/18  [Verified]
Domaine Lafage 'La Narassa' Red Blend 2015
Definitely better second day. Good wine, not great. Not overly impressed with the finish but drinkable. Probably would not purchase again.
Review added on: 5/24/18  [Verified]
Bodegas Ego 'Fuerza' Red Blend 2015
Wow, it's really good!
I have to admit--I was skeptical even with the great reviews by others. Deep red on pouring with a terrific balance. Full bodied and delicious. Hard to imagine a better PQR than this baby! Good stuff.
Review added on: 5/20/18  [Verified]
Tenuta La Pergola Monferrato Rosso 2015
very similar to a chianti
Had a decent nose on opening but never quite opened up like I thought it would. A good food wine but far from a 5 star.
Review added on: 4/11/18  [Verified]
Domaine Grand Veneur 'Les Champauvins' CDR 2015
Thought this CDR lacked a little structure and fruitness that I've experienced with previous CDR. A nice drinker but nothing over the top...probably would not purchase again.
Review added on: 4/9/18  [Verified]
M. Chapoutier 'Bila-Haut' Les Vignes Cotes du Rous 2016
France with love
Have to agree with 1st rater. Great PQR! Amazing for the price the wine displays the 'garrigue' for the region. Good stuff
Review added on: 3/28/18  [Verified]
Finca Decero 'Remolinos Vineyard' Malbec 2015
Nice, right out of the bottle
Very good. 1st day opened up nicely and very fruit driven but enough balls on the finish to be very interesting.
Review added on: 3/28/18  [Verified]
Banfi Centine Rosso 2015
Good mid-week vino
A good reliable bottle of wine good for mid-week cravings.
Review added on: 3/28/18  [Verified]
Clos des Fous 'Pour Ma Gueule' Blend 2015
Right out of bottle
Nice bottle of wine. Didn't need much air time to be delicious after popping the cork. Felt the wine could be enjoyed with or without food. It was that approachable! Good stuff.
Review added on: 3/16/18  [Verified]
Cune 'Crianza' Rioja 2014
Very good Rioja
Nice and flavorful and good enough to have by itself.
Review added on: 12/19/17  [Verified]