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Eden Rift 'Valliant' Pinot Noir 2018 image
Posted Apr 19, 2022

"Beautiful garnet color. Cherry and raspberry nose with subtle spice. Medium to full bodied with berry flavors and great acidity to balance out the high ABV. Fruity, but not distastefully so."

Christina St Laurent 2020 image
Posted Apr 12, 2022

"This wine is light and juicy in the best ways possible. Best served slightly chilled, its bursting with berries and spices carried by mouthwatering acidity. This will be perfect during the incoming warm summer nights."

Olivares Monastrell 'Altos de la Hoya' 2019 image
Posted Apr 12, 2022

"The dark ruby, almost purple, color of this wine is as enticing as its spicy baked berry and ripe plum aromas. Flavors of plum, blackberry, and black cherry are bolstered by leather, earth, and spices. All of this being said, its still a very approachable and easy drinking wine. Great for a BBQ or steak night."

Vieille Julienne Trois Sources Chateauneuf du Pape 2013 image
Posted Apr 10, 2022

"Leather and berries on the nose. Vibrant and energetic mouthfeel with a background of spices and white pepper. Drinking wonderfully now, but definitely could go another few years before becoming "over the hill". Overall, great value and something I'll likely drink again."

Saracina Old Soul Red 2018 image
Posted Apr 7, 2022

"For this price you can't beat it... and we'll ship it for FREE?! Come how, how could it get any better?"

San Vito Amantiglio Chardonnay 2019 image
Posted Feb 21, 2022

"This wine reminds me of the summers I spent grooming horses in Saratoga. Starting with the color, which is reminiscent of the thick golden straw we bedded on, and moving to the smells of the fruit truck that always had the best ripe peaches and apples with a small selection of tropical fruits hidden for the drivers favorite backstretch residents. I WISH I were drinking this on those long hot days. Fruity, refreshing flavors of apple, peach, papaya, and touches of mango. I LOVE this wine and at this price you cant beat it."

Weingut Stadlmann Classic Pinot Noir 2018 image
Posted Feb 12, 2022

"Ruby in the glass with a thin rim. The nose is classic: raspberry, cherry and cranberry backed up by forest floor and violets. Elegant, balanced, and easy to drink. Flavors mirror the nose and lead into a finish reminiscent of sandalwood and mushroom. This wine is a great value for Pinot Noir drinkers!"

Morgan 'Cotes du Crows' Red Blend 2018 image
Posted Feb 10, 2022

"The color of this wine is stunning: a beautiful rubyred fading into a fuchsia rim. From the instant the wine is in the glass, there are powerful aromatics of cherry, raspberry, strawberry, and new leather, with a definite oak presence. With a taste you get more of those berries, wonderfully soft spice, a touch of plum, and a finish of sweet tobacco. This wine outperforms most of its peers!"

Scarbolo 'Il Ramato' Pinot Grigio 2020 image
Posted Feb 8, 2022

"If youve heard the kids talking about orange wines or skin contact whites, this bottle can give you a little taste of what youre hearing. With the same color as a brand new penny, this wine sports aromas of citrus and pear, with light berry and herb accents. Lush and lively texture is the star here, backed by mineral laced orange and pear flavors and lingering salinity on the finish. Fresh, flavorful, and a little funky."

Royal Meadery 'Cherry Vanilla' Barrel Aged Mead 375ml image
Posted Aug 16, 2021

"This is a terrific mead. Deep salmon color. Floral aromas of sour cherry, orange blossom, and burnt sugar. Dark cherry up front lingers and finally morphs into honey and orange peel. Finishes long with firm tannins to balance the sweetness. I could sip this for days."

Liquid Altitude 'Freefall' White Sangria Mule 375ml Can image
Posted Apr 11, 2021

"This is delicious! Sweet and then sour with apple, ginger, pear, and lime flavors in that order. The flavor lasts long and theres a perfect sweet/sour ratio for a summer cocktail. Refreshing and delicious. Ive always loved their sangrias, but theyve really outdone themselves with this canned masterpiece."

Bogle Vineyards Rose 2020 image
Posted Apr 9, 2021
Royal Meadery 'Blueberry Breakfast Break' Mead 375ml image
Posted Feb 24, 2021

"Slightly floral on the nose with big time berry and vanilla. Flavors suggest blueberry pancakes, for sure, without being overpoweringly sweet. Well balanced with just the right amount of sweetness. Be warned! Its crushable, but packs a punch at 13.9 percent ABV! Perfect to sip like a fine wine, but much better out of a horn!"

Frenchtown Farms The Pearl Thief White 2019 image
Posted Dec 7, 2020

"I first tasted this two years ago. Then, it was a bright, delicious novelty that expelled notes of sunshine and good times. It has since evolved into a clean, precise wine that, while still envoaking the previous years glee, feels much more refined and serious. In a short time, Aaron and Cara have evolved their flagship skin contact white from a delicious novelty into an utterly unforgettable and delicious wine that can be more than enjoyed by anybody with a passion for fine wine. Its always a privilege to drink Frenchtown wines, but this years Pearl Thief speaks volumes of their journey and what one can accomplish when they follow their passions and work hard."

Laherte Freres 'Ultratradition' Brut NV image
Posted Mar 13, 2019

"This is a delicious example of what true Champagne should be. Great acid and full body make for a mouthwatering and rich drinking experience. Elegant bubbles and notes of freeze-dried green apple and lemon rine are accompanied by chalky minerality and subltle yeastiness with a persistent finish. Easily my favorite bubbly for the price."

Domaine de Roally Vire-Clesse 2016 image
Posted Mar 3, 2019

"This is everything I want out of a chardonnay! This classically styled wine is straw colored in the glass with a nose of apricot, lime, and unmistakable butter and almond notes. It is full and creamy on the palate with pronounced lime flavors and a mineral driven finish. The oak is present, but far from being the main attraction. This would go great with a log of goat cheese, grilled octopus, or chicken in a lemon-garlic cream sauce."

Pentimento Montagne-St.Emilion 2014 image
Posted Jan 17, 2019

"Deep, blood red in the glass, this Bordeaux is more than pleasing to the eye. The timeless marriage of Merlot and Cabernet Franc brings an earthy nose of new leather and dry cherry. Soft but obvious tannins and good acidity make for an elegant mouth feel and are accompanied by flavors of plum, leather, cherry, and hints of pepper. It has great depth and the potential to age with grace. This bottle would pair well with dry-aged steak, a meat and cheese platter, or dark chocolate."

Pacalet-Lapierre Cuvee Cousins Julienas 2017 image
Posted Nov 9, 2018

"If you’re looking for the prefect bottle to match up with your Turkey Day festivities, then look no further! Sporting a lush bouquet of raspberries and pomegranate with a pinch of fresh herbs, the Cousins project provides ripe acidity and elegant structure that will play well with everything the holiday has to offer. Juicy fruit flavors will dance tirelessly around your cornbread and potatoes, while serving as a booster-shot and supporting act for your turkey dinner. Don’t forget to pick one up for the leftovers, too!"

Shannon Ridge 'Two Bud Block' Single Vineyard Zinfandel 2012 image
Posted Aug 4, 2018

"This single vineyard zin has a rich, beautiful maroon color. Sweet tobacco and fresh leather shine through raspberry and blueberry jam on the nose with hints of spice in the background. The entry is fruity and spicy and transitions into a smooth, meaty finish. This bottle goes great with smoked gouda, barbecue pork, or a good book."

Bodega El Angosto Tinto 2009 image
Posted May 27, 2018

"This wine is a beautiful deep violet in the glass. The bouquet is warm and complex, consisting of blueberry, strawberry, dried cranberry, peppercorn, forest floor, and leather. Berry flavors on entry give way to a well structured mid-palate of spice and dried blueberries and cranberries. The finish has vanilla and dried leaf flavors. Plentiful with acid, this bottle is a perfect compliment to any red meat, a hamburger, or some sharp cheddar. Excellent value."

J. Hofstatter 'Joseph' Gewurztraminer 2014 image
Posted May 26, 2018

"This Italian Gewurztraminer is unreal! The super-aromatic bouquet is to die for, fronted heavily by nectarine and backed up with strong rose and honey notes- as if you’re eating a tangerine in a flower shop. On the palate, it offers intense orange zest flavors and a spiced tea finish with low acidity. No food needed to enjoy this one. If you’re looking for value, look no further!"

Goisot 'Exogyra Virgula' Sauvignon de Saint-Bris 2015 image
Posted Apr 26, 2018

"This unique Burgundian white is made from Sauvignon Blanc grapes, as opposed to the regions usual Chardonnay wines. It is a clear, bright straw color in the glass. Grassy, floral notes compliment more prominent aromas of green apple and citrus fruit. Flavors mirroring the nose present with apples on entry, giving way to a grassy and mineral driven mid-palate. The finish is crisp with hints of salinity and bell pepper. This wine is great to pair with salmon dishes or pasta with clam sauce."

Tasca d'Almerita 'Lamuri' Nero d'Avola 2015 image
Posted Apr 23, 2018

"This awesome Sicilian red has notes of cranberries, cherries, pomegranate, and cured meat on the nose with hints of dried leaves and clay. Medium bodied and smooth with leathery berry and herbal flavors. Pair with anything from grilled meat to pasta dishes. Great table wine to have around for spontaneous get togethers or to pair with your favorite Italian dishes."

Bodegas Volver 'Tarima' Monastrell 2019 image
Posted Apr 8, 2018

"Deep, enticing purple color in the glass. Nose of plums and dark berries. Fruity upon entry with a quick transition into gravel and spices with a medium-length finish reminiscent of forest floor and wood. Somehow, the tannins are both soft and prevalent. Well balanced and undeniably enjoyable ESPECIALLY for this price."

Clos du Mont Olivet Chateauneuf-du-Pape 2015 image
Posted Apr 1, 2018

"This French classic is a lovely crimson red in the glass with a thin pink rim. A hefty bouquet of raspberries, pepper, and spices can be noted from even a few feet away. Candied cherries and raspberries on entry followed up by flavors of pepper, herbs, and hints of oak and earth. Full bodied with soft tannins and a very well balanced and structured delivery. The finish is long, lingering, and spicy. This would pair well with a lamb roast or your favorite meaty chili dish."

Cote Mas Blanc Languedoc White Blend 2020 1.0L image
Posted Mar 30, 2018

"Can’t beat this at the price. Heavy, grassy scent of ripe green apple. Short lived, acidic and apple driven palate. Super dry and fruity. All the fun of an easy-drinking PG without breaking the bank."

Routestock Cellars 'Route 29' Cabernet Sauv 2014 image
Posted Mar 14, 2018

"Hefty bouquet of cherry, plums, and vanilla with a bit of fresh oak. Flavors of cherry and red apple with a long ashy finish. One of the most complex and enjoyably Cali cabs that I’ve had the pleasure of drinking."

Chateau Poitevin Medoc 2015 image
Posted Mar 4, 2018

"From the left bank of the legendary Bordeaux region, this wine looks inviting and is deep ruby in color. The shy, elegant nose of black cherries and subtle smokiness is offset perfectly by the young wine’s firm tannins and strong flavors of dark fruit and charred wood. The finish is delightfully long and, when finally over, leaves you yearning for the next sip. Drink one now and rack one for later. This would pair exceptionally with the year’s impending first grill session or with aged cheese, such as reserve cheddar."

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