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Don Q 'Cristal' 1.75L image
Posted Sep 1, 2020

"I'm not a fan of rum. To my palate, many of them have a plastic or petrochemical smell, even the "good" ones. Don Q does have rum flavor, but it's so smooth you can frequently substitute it for vodka. I use it for all my rum cocktails and especially for homemade kahlua. Also ... cannot beat the price."

Burnett's GIN 1.75L image
Posted Aug 11, 2020[Verified]

"I'm not a fan of gins with the extreme herbal juniper flavors. If you are, ignore this review. I prefer the more balanced taste of Plymouth gin. It tastes great in any cocktail, especially martinis. Unfortunately Plymouth gin does not fit my rather large liquor budget. Burnett's gin has a similar balanced flavor and you can't beat the price. Try this martini: 2 oz Burnett's or Plymouth gin and a few drops of SWEET vermouth."

Andre Spumante NV image
Posted Sep 30, 2018

"Not too sweet, and surprisingly complex. It's great by itself but it really shines as a mixer (mimosas!). For less than $6 a bottle it's a remarkable bargain."

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