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Black Box Wines 3.0L Chardonnay 3.0L image
Posted Feb 14, 2020[Verified]
Chappellet 'Cervantes' Chardonnay 2012 image
Posted Jun 20, 2017[Verified]

"I would very likely, in a blind tasting, identified this as a Mersault and a good one to boot! You probably cannot find a Mersault of this quality at twice the price. It is a remarkable wine and a great value! I only have 4 bottles left so I will have to choose carefully when to, and with what, to drink them."

Torre Castillo 'Alegre' Monastrell 2013 image
Posted Jan 3, 2016

"A very unusual nose, with the dominant aroma of prunes. There were interesting undertones particularly black pepper that suggested complexity. But, the prune aroma and taste was predominate. While I cannot say for sure, the prune aroma and taste suggest that the wine has been cooked. Odd, for the time of year so I am hesitant to give it a thumbs down. Perhaps I had a bad bottle. I would suggest caution in buying this wine."

Gordo by CVA 2012 image
Posted Jun 21, 2015

"Not surprising, given RP's review, this has substantial fruit on the attack. With that said, it is a substantial wine of character. One of the best ways to judge a wine's quality (besides the length of the finish) is how it performs over the life of a meal. Is it better at the end of the meal than at the beginning? Gordo certainly kept our interest throughout the meal and was fabulous with the last bite. A wine that will please many at your table - you included!"

Apothic Wines 'Dark' Red Blend 2013 image
Posted Oct 6, 2014[Verified]

"Intriquing wine; something that we don't get to say often enough. The flavor profie is much like described. I was a bit skeptical as I find Apothic a bit too much of a fruit bomb; which my wife loves, ergo I bought a bottle to try. Well, Dark is certainly a big wine, but at 13.5% alcohol not a monster. It is much more balanced than its sib and it went well with the dinner featuring roast beef. Here's a wine that both my wife and I can agree on. At under $10, a clear no-brainer."

Anakena 'Ona' Pinot Noir 2010 image
Posted Dec 15, 2012

"Actually, it is rated appropriately in my opinion. It is a good, clean example of a light to medium bodied pinot that carries its femininity with grace. Good attack, mid-palate and reasonable finish. Don't expect a heavy weight. A very good choice to serve as an aperitif or with a range of hors d'oeuvres. Very good"

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