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Patron XO Cafe 70prf 750ml image
Patron XO Cafe 70prf 750ml
Posted Oct 15, 2009
COFFE AND TEQUILA IN PERFECT HARMONY"When you feel like venturing out a little bit or looking for a relaxer, or a new way to impress your boss and associates. Patron XO Cafe is an amazing blend of coffee and tequila that hits all the right spots in taste and texture. Act like the cool guy and order a Raging Bull and you'll be impressing everyone with this tasty drink. (Patron Cafe & Cola, Stir)"
Ultimat Vodka 750ml 80proof image
Ultimat Vodka 750ml 80proof
Posted Oct 15, 2009
POLSKA CAN BE PROUD OF THIS ONE, AND P. DIDDY."Who would of thought a hair stylist would launch such a successful spirits brand to only exceed his expectations by acquiring this pure high end Polish style vodka. The organic potatoes are harvested at perfection to create this masterpiece that can even make Diddy envious of not getting the chance to endorse this one."
Coastal Estates BV Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 image
Coastal Estates BV Cabernet Sauvignon 2019
Posted Oct 15, 2009
SOME MAY SAY TOO DRY, BUT IT'S FRUITY AROMA ADDS PLEASEANTNESS"BV Coastal or Beaulieu Vineyard is a fantastic dinner and date wine for its dryness and fruity aroma that actually makes this underdog overlooked as great companion. Definitely a good recommend when looking for a quick pick me up at 7 and don't be late thing."
Jose Cuervo Blk Medallion 1.0L image
Jose Cuervo Blk Medallion 1.0L
Posted Oct 15, 2009
A GREAT JOSE CREATION"Once Jose Cuervo decided to take a break from its gold popularity, black was formed and did it ever succeed. Formed to greatness in classic oak barrels to give its character and color. This is a great standalone on the rocks, or splash some coke if you and tequila might disagreements at times."
Crown Royal Canadian Blended Whisky 1.0L image
Crown Royal Canadian Blended Whisky 1.0L
Posted Oct 15, 2009
A PERFECT CANADIAN BLEND"When looking for a nice blended whiskey, you can get the job done for taste and class wit Crown Royal. Premium Top Shelf spirit that actually balances its mix very well. Double on the rocks with a splash of soda and you are perfectly set. It should be a requirement for all men to have this at least once, or to impress any date."
Talisker 18yr Single Malt Scotch 750ml image
Talisker 18yr Single Malt Scotch 750ml
Posted Oct 15, 2009
NOT FOR THE FAINT HEART, BUT NEITHER WAS FOR JAMES BOND."Talisker, the original James Bond drink (in the novels) is a brut of most scotches. Strong, but with character and there is a required d acquisition of taste, even if you are regular in this category. But if you are looking to add too your portfolio of fine, simple and classic, then Talisker will be a fine choice. And you will find out why James moved to his shakened martini from smirnoff."
Pyrat XO Reserve 80prf 750ml image
Pyrat XO Reserve 80prf 750ml
Posted Oct 15, 2009
AMAZING IN A CONGANC GLASS WITH A CIGAR"With Patron expanding it's interests from tequila to rum, coffee, and the upcoming vodka blend, it's an expectation to see if the same type of quality and care goes into its rum division. And it certainly does. Not meant to be mixed coke or coconut, but as a stand alone nostalgic of the aroma and strength the way rum has always been made (classic pirate style). Though not easy at first, but acquired through practice!"
Johnnie Walker Black 1.0L Blended Scotch Whisky image
Johnnie Walker Black 1.0L Blended Scotch Whisky
Posted Oct 15, 2009
THOUGH ROUGH AROUND THE EDGES, THIS TIME SIPPER WILL DO"Johnnie Walker, classic type brand in scotch whiskey, is appreciated around the world, and only those reserved for Black (since most budget's cannot afford Blue in it's $450 price range) will able to look past the rough edges on first touch and appreciate character as it goes down. Preferably with a lemon twist to ease the pain."
Bombay Sapphire 1.0L Gin image
Bombay Sapphire 1.0L Gin
Posted Oct 15, 2009
PHENOMINAL IN TASTE AND CLASS"Finding a quality made gin is becoming more rare with this spirit not in the lime light as other types of liquor. However, one can appreciate the world style ingredients and time spent to create this quality gin enough to even avoid a splash of tonic on the rocks and simply just add a lime and make it libre. If you are to start to become a gin fan or even try it. Bombay Sapphire should be at the top of the list for you."
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