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Amapola Creek Monte Rosso Zinfandel 2014
A very Good Wine But Not A 94 Unless You Decant for Several Hours
This is an excellent Zinfandel from California. I did not let the wine decant for several hours and the most reviews suggest doing that to get the full flavor of the wine
Review added on: 5/21/19  [Verified]
Vina Cobos 'Felino' Malbec 2017
A Very Good Malbec foe the Money
These is an excellent value red wine; a very good Malbec
Review added on: 3/14/19  [Verified]
Gran Passione Veneto Rosso 2017
Very Good Italian Red Blend
A very good wine for the money
Review added on: 11/13/18  [Verified]
Ravenswood 'Besieged' Red Blend 2014
Very Good California Red Blend for the Money
Review added on: 11/8/18  [Verified]
Bests Great Western Shiraz 2015
Very good Shiraz for the money
This is a hearty Shiraz with some depth to it. An excellent value
Review added on: 9/11/17  [Verified]
High West 98prf 750ml 'Midwinter Rye'
A Very Good Rye
I have only tasted this Rye twice but I found it very strong to the finish which to me somewhat overpowered its other flavors. I tried it without ice and with ice (with ice is better). I will also try it with a little water. I prefer their Yippee-Ki-Yay Rye which I found to be more flavorful.
Review added on: 12/5/16  [Verified]
Charles & Charles Chardonnay 2012
a fair to good everyday white
not as good as the simi chardonnary for almost the same cost
Review added on: 1/31/14  [Verified]
Peter Lehmann Clancy's Red 2011
not as good as Lehman's layers red blend but a good value
Review added on: 1/31/14  [Verified]
Bogle Vineyards 'Essential' Red 2012
excellent red blend for the money
Review added on: 1/31/14  [Verified]
Orin Swift Cellars 'D66' Red Blend 2010
not worth the money; there are better wines for a lower price
Review added on: 1/31/14  [Verified]
Peter Lehmann Layer's Red 2011
Review added on: 1/31/14  [Verified]
Cline Cashmere GSM 2013
good value red blend
Review added on: 1/31/14  [Verified]
Simi 'Sonoma' Chardonnay 2013
Review added on: 1/31/14  [Verified]