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Michael and David Winery 'Earthquake' Cabernet 2015
Full bodied Zinfandel without obvious sins
Review added on: 2/27/19  [Verified]
Biale 'Black Chicken' Zinfandel 2016
Beale black chicken
Great full bodied Zin without sin!
Review added on: 12/18/18  [Verified]
Mettler Family Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon 2015
Mettler cab
Good wine. Descent nose, legs, big body across the tongue without toothiness.
Review added on: 11/8/18  [Verified]
Round Pond Estate 'Kith & Kin' Cabernet Sauvignon 2016
Great Cab.
A fine, big California Cab; great nose and legs, fills the mouth.
Review added on: 9/27/18  [Verified]
Green & Red 'Chiles Canyon' Zinfandel 2014
Green & Red Chiles Canyon Zin
Great nose, fine legs, complex mouth filling flavor without after bite; lingers nicely.
Review added on: 3/6/18  [Verified]
Turley 'Old Vine' Zinfandel 2015
Turley Old Vine Zin
Near perfect Zin. Great legs and nose. Full rate across the tongue with great taste and smoothness.
Review added on: 2/6/18  [Verified]
Kim Crawford 'Spitfire' Sauvignon Blanc 2017
KC Spitfire
Great Sauvignon blanc, fresh and full bodied!
Review updated 8/29/18 (originally added on: 12/21/17)  [Verified]
Michael and David Winery 'Rage' Zinfandel 2013
Full nose, great legs and big taste that is smooth all across the tongue
Review added on: 11/1/17  [Verified]
Michael and David Winery 'Earthquake' Zinfandel 2014
Big powerful Zinfandel without flaws.
Review added on: 5/25/17  [Verified]
Michael and David Winery 'Earthquake' Zinfandel 2013
M&D Earthquake
A fine, big, zin. Fine nose and legs, full taste all across the tongue.
Review added on: 1/2/17  [Verified]
Valravn 'Old Vine' Zinfandel 2014
Table Wine
Nice price-pointed table wine.
Review updated 3/8/17 (originally added on: 10/25/16)  [Verified]
Cline 'Ancient Vines' Mourvedre 2014
Cline Mourvedre
Nice everyday table wine
Review added on: 9/15/16  [Verified]
Ridge Vineyards Three Valleys Zinfandel 2013
Ridge three valleys
A good choie for a "house" or everyday Zin.
Review added on: 7/18/16  [Verified]
Klinker Brick 'Old Ghost' Zinfandel 2013
Great zin
A big, mouth filling Zin, what's not to like
Review updated 7/13/17 (originally added on: 6/29/16)  [Verified]
Predator 'Old Vine' Zinfandel 2014
A Best Buy in it's price range
Review added on: 12/22/15  [Verified]
Calluna Vineyards 'CVC' Chalk Hill 2012
Review added on: 12/4/15  [Verified]
Compania Vinedos Iberian 'Yaso' Tinta de Toro 2012
Review added on: 10/26/15  [Verified]
Decoy by Duckhorn Wine Company Zinfandel 2011
Duckhorn's Decoy Zin.
Review added on: 9/10/15  [Verified]
Michael and David Winery 'Earthquake' Zinfandel 2012
Great legs, fine entry, perfectiddlouth and done lingering finish
Review added on: 8/25/15  [Verified]
Hess 'Allomi Vineyard' Cabernet Sauvignon 2012
Hess Allomi Vineyard Cab
good legs, Nice entry, full middle mouth
Review added on: 7/1/15  [Verified]
Klinker Brick Winery 'Old Vine' Zinfandel 2012
Klinkerbrick Zin
The red label KlinkerB is my go to standard Zin. The white label, Old Ghost version is even, miuch, better.
Review added on: 7/1/15  [Verified]
Rancho Zabaco 'Toreador' Monte Rosso Zinfandel 2008
RZ Toreador
great legs, rich middle, smooth finish. Fine wine!
Review added on: 6/23/15  [Verified]