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Robin G has been a customer since Feb 2013

Reviews (8)

Vesica Potato Vodka 1.75L PET image
Vesica Potato Vodka 1.75L PET
Posted Apr 20, 2021[Verified]
VESICA"Love the very mild flavor and mixes well."
Skyy 'Georgia Peach' Vodka 1.75L image
Skyy 'Georgia Peach' Vodka 1.75L
Posted Jun 11, 2020[Verified]
GEORGIA PEACH"My husband mixes with unsweetened iced tea! He loves the combo!"
Smirnoff Vodka 80proof 1.75L image
Smirnoff Vodka 80proof 1.75L
Posted Apr 23, 2020[Verified]
Franzia White Merlot 5.0L image
Franzia White Merlot 5.0L
Posted Dec 25, 2019[Verified]
SKYY 80prf Vodka 1.75L image
SKYY 80prf Vodka 1.75L
Posted Mar 6, 2019[Verified]
"I have always loved Skyy vodka. Very smooth and not bitter"
Franzia White Zinfandel 5.0L image
Franzia White Zinfandel 5.0L
Posted Aug 23, 2018[Verified]
NICE WINE"If you like a white zin , great value , great taste !"
Smirnoff 'Cherry' Vodka 1.75L image
Smirnoff 'Cherry' Vodka 1.75L
Posted Jun 8, 2016[Verified]
Smirnoff 'Lime' Vodka 1.75L image
Smirnoff 'Lime' Vodka 1.75L
Posted Jan 13, 2016[Verified]
LIKE IT A LOT !"Tastes great with a diet Pepsi!"
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