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Carta Vieja Carmenere 2018
great wine too young
a remarkable wine at this price with rich berry flavors and deep body, however it has a decidedly green and unripe character corresponding to it being bottled and marketed at less than a year after the vintage. Definitely a wine released before its time. Buy it now and cellar it for at least a year or maybe 3. Great potential though.
Review added on: 2/23/19  [Verified]
Dark Horse Winery Cabernet Sauvignon 2017
What a deal.
I just tasted this wine with a steak tonight (1/29/2019) and was totally stunned. This wine is comparable to wines 3 times the price. It is thick rich robust and complex, full bodied and full berried. Do not miss this one.
Review added on: 1/30/19  [Verified]
Kadabra 'Mendoza' Cabernet Sauvignon 2016
first tasting
This wine was disappointment, drinkable but nothing to write home about, lacking depth of character & body, nowhere close to the rating JS gives it.
Review added on: 1/19/19
Trumpeter Malbec 2017
Bob's Trumpeter Malbec review
This is a deep rich wine with very ample body and juicy berry flavors. Extremely wonderfully enjoyable Malbec and a great buy at this price.
Review added on: 10/9/18  [Verified]
J. Hofstatter 'Joseph' Gewurztraminer 2014
RB's Gewurztraminer review
Dry with Intense fruity aroma, rich amber color of honey, having a deep rich mouth feel and body, well balanced with great spiciness. This wine is in the medicinal, mineral witch hazel style as opposed to the fruity and lighter spicy Riesling style. Very dynamic and bold. I real winner in this style of Gewurztraminer.
Review added on: 9/22/18  [Verified]
Fattoria del Cerro Chianti Colli Senesi 2017
RB's Colli Senesi 2016 review
upon initial tasting in August 2018 I found this wine to be a bit thin but with all the flavor qualities of a good Chianti. Re-tasted a month later and the thinness has disappeared. Sure it still could be a bit richer but at this price it is a fabulous Chianti. Had it with my favorite pasta tomato sauce and it went perfectly. Haven't tried it with Fava beans yet.
Review updated 9/14/18 (originally added on: 9/14/18)  [Verified]
Michael and David Winery 'Earthquake' Cabernet 2015
RB's Earthquake Cab 2915 review
Every bit as good as the 2014, which was fantastic. Great depth of flavor with rich berry flavors. Smooth and delicious. 92-93. Easily would expect to be in the $30 range.
Review added on: 9/10/18  [Verified]
Steele Wines 'Shooting Star' Zinfandel 2015
Bbob's Shooting Star review
A dynamite Zin. Fruity rich complex and full bodied. Compares well with the Peoples Wine Co. Zin but have not done a side by side comparison of the 2. Must do. At this price it is hard to beat.
Review added on: 9/3/18  [Verified]
The People's Wine Company Zinfandel 2016
Bbob's People's Zin Review
Absolutely the best Zin. at this price point that I have ever tasted. Fruity, rich and full bodied with a smooth lingering flavor finish. Better Zins are over $20.
Review added on: 8/28/18  [Verified]
Dominio de Eguren 'Protocolo' Tempranillo 2016
Bob's Protocolo review
Exceptional red wine for this price. Would expect this wine to be at $11-$12. I would rate this wine a 90. A great wine, no, a very good wine yes. This wine would impress at a barbecue or every day party or dinner.
Review added on: 5/13/18  [Verified]
Bodega Colome 'Estate' Malbec 2014
Bob's Malbec rating
nice malbec wine, about correctly priced for its quality, not a blockbuster value. but interestingly good.
Review added on: 2/12/18  [Verified]
Vina Casas Patronales Reserva Carmenere 2015
Patronales Res. Carmenere 2015
a very wonderful Carmenere in this price range, I have not found any other Carmenere comparable at this price. Exceptional value.
Review added on: 3/17/17  [Verified]
Errazuriz Max Reserva Carmenere 2014
Great Carmenere
full bodied and rich, great flavor, one of the better Carmeneres I have tried,ordered 6 bottles after having tried it first. will not disappoint
Review added on: 2/23/17  [Verified]
Gobelsburger Gruner Veltliner 2015
very fine and tasty dry Gruner Veltliner
great body and mouthfeel, very flavorful, a very fine Gruner Veltlilner17/20
Review added on: 2/22/17  [Verified]