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Zorzal 'Eggo Tinto de Tiza' Red Blend 2016
Not a 95
More like an 88 or 89. Austere, and a bit short on body & finish.
Review added on: 5/19/19
Ovum 'Memorista' Riesling 2016
It impressed my wife...
And she's hard to impress, especially on whites. Very nice, we're getting more.
Review added on: 4/30/19  [Verified]
Zorzal 'Eggo Tinto de Tiza' Red Blend 2015
Aged in cement eggs?
It's a good thing that I drink wine, not make it...If you get past the cementT, it is a very nice wine, well worth a try. We're getting more
Review added on: 4/21/19  [Verified]
Olivier Leflaive 'Les Setilles' Bourgogne 2017
very nice
We had this at a local restaurant. A very nice white burgundy. We're getting some to drink at home. Try some, you'll like it!
Review added on: 4/10/19
Bruno Giacosa Roero Arneis 2016
very nice
We're getting more...Try some!
Review added on: 4/5/19  [Verified]
Clos des Brusquieres Chateauneuf-du-Pape 2016
We'd go with Wine Spectator
Real value in a wine of this quality. It should age well; still young, but very enjoyable now. We're getting more...
Review added on: 4/4/19  [Verified]
Chateau Saint-Roch 'Kerbuccio' Maury Sec 2016
Empire nailed it!
OK, we got more. VERY nice. Every time we open a bottle, I'm happy. Isn't that what drinking wine is about? Try some!
Review updated 4/25/19 (originally added on: 4/2/19)  [Verified]
Guy Saget 'Marie Beauregard' Vouvray 2016
Another hit from the Loire
Sweet, but crisp. A nicely made, balanced wine, well worth the price. Chardonnay lovers beware, try this, and you'll never be the same... we're getting more.
Review added on: 3/23/19
Idlewild 'The Bee White' 2017
A nice white
A well made white blend, it goes well with seafood, is also a sipper. We're getting more.
Review added on: 3/9/19  [Verified]
Gramercy Cellars 'Lagniappe' Syrah 2015
Worth the money. Buy it!
98 may be a bit high, but this is a VERY nice syrah.
Review added on: 3/5/19  [Verified]
Perrin Famille Reserve Rouge 2016
great value
Nice wine for the price. Well structured, and smooth.
Review added on: 3/3/19  [Verified]
Vinos de Arganza 'Flavium' 'Seleccion' Mencia 2015
easy drinking red, good value!
WS got it right. Nice red, You could pay a bit more, and get less. We got more.
Review updated 3/15/19 (originally added on: 2/28/19)  [Verified]
Zorzal 'Terroir Unico' Sauvignon Blanc 2016
Sauvignon Blanc from Argentina? And this good? Try it. You'll not be disappointed. We're getting more...
Review added on: 12/18/18  [Verified]
Concha Y Toro 'Gran Reserva' Carmenere 2016
very nice
Well made, and worth the price. WS got it right. Like a nice merlot.
Review added on: 12/16/18  [Verified]
Tarapaca Carmenere 2015
A great wine at this price point
For $13 a bottle, this may be a five star wine. Do not try it warm. 100 percent carmenere, and VERY nice! We're getting more...
Review added on: 12/13/18  [Verified]
Castello di Monsanto 'Riserva' Chianti Classico RSV 2015
A great wine at this price point
Maybe not a 95, but if not, it's close. We bought a case. If you like Chianti, buy this.
Review added on: 12/9/18  [Verified]
Rocher des Violettes Montlouis sur Loire 2017
Another hit from the Loire
Off dry but crisp. A well made wine that goes nicely with a variety of foods. We're getting more...
Review added on: 12/6/18  [Verified]
Paul Jaboulet Aîné 'Secret de Famile' Viognier 2017
Buy it!
At this price you'd be crazy to let it go by. We bought a case.
Review added on: 11/11/18  [Verified]
Louis Latour Bourgogne Gamay 2015
WS on target!
Nice light red, good flavor, goes with salmon like a pinot noir. Good value for the money.
Review updated 10/24/18 (originally added on: 10/24/18)  [Verified]
Maison Nicolas Perrin Crozes-Hermitage 2014
Really good! Get some. We're getting more...
Review added on: 10/20/18  [Verified]
Nittnaus Blaufrankisch Kalk und Schiefer 2015
Nice red from Austria?
Not exceptional, but nice, a good wine for the .price. A lighter red, sort of pinot noir like
Review added on: 9/24/18  [Verified]
Ritual by Veramonte Pinot Noir 2015
A great wine at this price point
Very good pinot at this price point. If it was from Cally or Ore. it would be a bit more...We're getting more!
Review added on: 8/1/18  [Verified]
Chateau Valandraud Blanc 2010
Worth every penny!
Superb white. Very sophisticated, should age well, remarkable now. We're getting more...
Review added on: 7/26/18  [Verified]
Clos des Lunes 'Lune Blanche' White 2015
A great wine at this price point
Probably 5 stars at this price point. The rare white bordeaux imported to the U.S. Try it if you want a nicely made white blend. We're getting more...
Review added on: 7/14/18  [Verified]
Tons de Duorum White 2017
A great wine at this price point
Actually not great, but very nice for the money, and a step off the beaten path, if that appeals.
Review added on: 6/23/18  [Verified]
Tenuta Roveglia 'Vigne di Catullo' Lugana Riserva 2014
great value
Really nice white from Italy, body, flavor, finish, we're getting more.
Review added on: 5/30/18  [Verified]
Clelia Romano 'Colli di Lapio' Fiano di Avellino 2016
Nice light summer white. Well made and should go nicely with food. We are getting more.
Review added on: 5/20/18  [Verified]
Santa Ema 'Reserve' Merlot 2015
2 and 1/2
We loved the 2013, this not so much. My wife did not like it, I thought it was OK, but just pizza wine. 91 would be VERY generous.
Review added on: 5/17/18  [Verified]
Quinta do Ameal 'Loureiro' 2016
NOT typical vinho verde...
We had vinho verde in Portugal, a light, bland, slightly bubbly sipper. This is quiter a bit more than that. We're getting more, and 4 stars may be a bit stingy at the price.
Review added on: 5/10/18  [Verified]
Mullineux Syrah 2015
Great Grapes
Really sad that this is no longer available. We'd buy a case if we only could..
Review added on: 3/30/18  [Verified]
San Felice Chianti Classico 2015
A fine bottle...
At this price, a bargain bottle. WS got it right. It may get better, but you'll enjoy it even if you don't wait. We're getting more.
Review added on: 2/3/18  [Verified]
Ravines Cellars Dry Riesling 2015
Should age well
Very nice, still young, as WS notes, could improve over the next decade. We bought half a case after the first bottle, will buy more... Could be the best wine we've had from NY.
Review added on: 2/1/18
Buchegger Riesling Tiefenthal 2013
grows on you...
A bit austere at first, but it opens up nicely in the glass. Perhaps we should have decanted it? Very nice with asian food.
Review added on: 1/25/18  [Verified]
Kir-Yianni 'Ramnista' Xinomavro 2013
Good red from Greece?
We had the 2012 tonight, worth buying as a food friendly red in the cabernet franc grouping. Plenty of body and flavor for us, probably one that the california cab folks would describe as rustic...
Review added on: 1/22/18
Wachter Wiesler Eisenburg Blaufrankisch Bela Joska 2015
Try this if you like Cabernet Franc
We had the 2013, really a nice bottle, and excellent with food. We'll try the 2015 as well, you should too.
Review updated 1/20/18 (originally added on: 1/20/18)
Royal Tokaji 'The Oddity' Dry Furmint 2015
They named it right
It is an oddity. Well made and a bit different. Recommended for those who like something new. We're getting more.
Review added on: 1/13/18  [Verified]
Carlisle 'Palisades Vineyard' Petite Sirah 2015
Good Petite Sirah is never (sadly) cheap...
Really, really nice! Young, so it will improve over the next few years, but a total pleasure right now. Let it breath.
Review added on: 1/12/18  [Verified]
Mas Belles Eaux Les Coteaux 2009
$10 bucks?
For $10, this has to get 5 stars. A 2009 that is in it's PRIME...
Review added on: 12/23/17  [Verified]
Mendel Winery Semillon 2015
very nice
A very enjoyable wine. We're sad we can't get more...
Review added on: 12/18/17
Les Chais du Vieux Bourg Cotes du Jura Savagnin 2011
Looking for a change?
Well made and an atypical wine. Well worth a try. Very nice!
Review added on: 12/13/17  [Verified]
Domaine des Lises Crozes-Hermitage 2015
W.S. got it right. Nice wine at this price point. We're getting more.
Review added on: 12/11/17  [Verified]
Cune 'Monopole' 'Classico' Viura 2014
well made wine
Very nice with fish. Not complex, but you'd not expect that. Clean, tasty, and enjoyable. Nice finish.
Review added on: 11/28/17  [Verified]
Jean Claude Dagueneau Cuvee d'Eve Pouilly Fume 2015
excellence from the loire
Very nice! We're getting more...
Review added on: 11/24/17  [Verified]
Cuvee Darius Fitou 2013
A great wine at this price point
We're getting more. Really nice wine...
Review added on: 11/9/17  [Verified]
Susana Esteban 'Procura' Blanco 2015
really interesting!
Different, and very nice. Try this if you like to walk the path untrod. We're buying more...
Review added on: 10/28/17  [Verified]
Santa Ema 'Reserve' Merlot 2013
great value
if you like merlot, this is a GREAT value for the price. Tastes like it should cost much more. We bought a case...
Review added on: 10/20/17  [Verified]
Poderi Luigi 'Einaudi' Dolcetto di Dogliani 2015
pizza wine
either not as good as spectator thinks, or needs that additional time they mentioned. ordinary in the fall of 2017
Review added on: 10/19/17  [Verified]
Hardys Whiskers Blake Tawny Port
5 stars
Just the best inexpensive port out there. The fact that it is made down under is unimportant. Can't believe anyone wouldn't like this after a nice meal.'
Review updated 2/14/18 (originally added on: 3/21/16)  [Verified]