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Matias Pinot Noir 2014
Most unexpected and interesting
Not your typical Pinot. At $26 this is so atypical that we feel compelled to say what’s different. It’s much more resinous than one would expect, pinewoods and turpentine and Rosemary. I see that Empire is no longer carrying this, and I wonder why. It would make a good tasting comparison with other pinots.
Review added on: 7/18/19
Eyrie Vineyards 'Estate' Pinot Gris 2016
Yummy and refreshing!
Creamy mouth feel, not buttery, full of fruit whispers. It’s hot here in Brooklyn and this wine hits the spot.
Review added on: 7/16/19  [Verified]
El Enemigo Chardonnay 2016
Delicious but pricey
El enemigo de enemigo es mi amigo? Or, we have seen el enemigo and he/she/they is us? This wine is delightful especially after drinking a lot of California Chardonnays. It’s a refreshing change, but a little priced high. On the other hand it comes all the way from Argentina. Tango!
Review added on: 7/12/19  [Verified]
Mas d'en Compte 'Black Slate' Porrera 2015
Rich, thick, fruity
High in alcohol (15%) this is a bit heady in summer but goes well with meats. Very satisfying, complex, full palate.
Review added on: 7/9/19
Maria Papoila Vinho Verde 2016
Excellent value, good refreshing wine
A lovely summertime complement to fish and lighter fare.
Review added on: 7/9/19  [Verified]
Eric Solomon Selections 'Novellum' Chardonnay 2017
Refreshing change from California Chardonnays
Amazing price. This is very drinkable and not tired or flabby. That sounds like a review by elimination of negatives. But this is what sometimes happens with Chardonnays, the disappointing finish. In this case, this is a lively wine that would work well with many dishes. Good to serve with friends who are not particular wine connoisseurs.
Review added on: 7/1/19  [Verified]
Landmark Vineyards 'Overlook' Chardonnay 2016
Dependable creamy richness
Very good for the price point.
Review added on: 5/22/19  [Verified]
Faustino Gran Reserva I 2005
Expensive but well-made
Fruit forward but complex and satisfying. One of the more expensive Riojas we have had.
Review added on: 5/10/19  [Verified]
Rombauer Chardonnay 2017
Creamy and lush
Great for drinking on its own. Complex and flowery. Hoping it pairs well with swordfish
Review added on: 4/28/19  [Verified]
La Grange des Combes St. Chinian-Roquebrun 2015
Quite drinkable
Review added on: 4/3/19  [Verified]
Bodegas Breca 'Breca' Old Vines Garnacha 2015
Great at price, good for dinners and guests
Not especially complex but totally pleasant. Not a wrong note anywhere. Heavy on the alcohol at 15.5%.
Review added on: 4/1/19  [Verified]
Cline 'Ancient Vines' Zinfandel 2016
Fruity, dark, satisfying
Review added on: 3/5/19  [Verified]
El Esteco 'Don David' Malbec Reserve 2017
Great buy
Thinking of getting a case.
Review added on: 2/6/19  [Verified]
Sarah's Vineyard Chardonnay 2016
Review added on: 1/29/19  [Verified]
Bodegas Alto Moncayo Veraton 2016
Fruity and satisfying
Lovely and full-bodied.
Review added on: 1/29/19  [Verified]
Olivier Leflaive Rully 1er Cru Les Cloux 2015
Tropical aromas but slightly acidic
Very balanced with a nice finish
Review added on: 1/20/19  [Verified]
Chateau d'Epire Savennieres 2016
Interesting and complex, good price point
Crisp, citrus, something a little smoky I think. Very nice.
Review added on: 1/14/19
J. Hofstatter 'Joseph' Gewurztraminer 2014
Well, we waited too long and now there’s no more
So delicious. Amazing price point. And the kind of wine that would appeal to lots of people who don’t drink wine. We love it and wish we had bought more.
Review added on: 12/9/18
Domaine de Roally Vire-Clesse 2015
So gentle and lovely
This is a beautiful wine. Fine alone. OK with chicken. But doesn’t need anything but itself.
Review added on: 12/5/18  [Verified]
Henri Bourgeois La Cote des Monts Damnes Sancerre 2016
Flinty and dry, amazing
Different, citrusy and mineralic.
Review added on: 12/1/18  [Verified]
Chalk Hill 'Estate' Chardonnay 2015
Pricey but really good
Some people don’t like fruity Chardonnays. But this is a beautiful example to share with people who are Chardonnay haters. So much complexity, lingering satisfaction.
Review added on: 11/19/18  [Verified]
Les Heritiers du Comte Lafon Mâcon-Milly-Lamartine 2016
Well made wine, excellent value
The tasting notes are accurate. This is an extremely pleasant line with no hard edges and lots of lingering appeal.
Review added on: 11/11/18  [Verified]
Rombauer Chardonnay 2016 375ml
Lush, creamy
It’s the delicious wine, and the 375 mL size bottle encourages slow savoring. Lots of complexity and delightful to the finish. Wish that Empire had the 750 mL bottle as well.
Review added on: 10/29/18  [Verified]
Craggy Range 'Te Muna' Sauvignon Blanc 2017
Herbaceous and unusual palate
At first we couldn’t figure out what was going on. What is that taste? The label says herbs. And that’s exactly what it is. Not something that one generally encounters upfront in a wine. Overall very good. But might not be to everyone’s taste.
Review added on: 10/23/18  [Verified]
J Vineyards Chardonnay 2016
For $22 impressive
We had to look up “free run juice“ but apparently this is the juice that comes from the grapes as they are stacked up and exert pressure on the ones below. Before any pressing is done. Whether this is true or not, this is a wine that has a very strong presence of pineapple, and other fruit notes. It is strong throughout the finish, and we like it a lot.
Review added on: 10/22/18  [Verified]
Domaine Benoit Gautier Argilex De Gautier Sec 2016
A crowd pleaser
$12.45? Not bad. Acidic, dry, good with cheese.
Review added on: 10/21/18  [Verified]
Ramey 'Sonoma Coast' Chardonnay 2014
Focused and with enough acid
Honeyed fruit in the initial mouth feel. Lots of complexity to keep you going. Pretty good for the price poinT.
Review added on: 10/20/18  [Verified]
RouteStock Cellars 'Route 99W' Pinot Noir 2015
Review added on: 10/18/18  [Verified]
Santa Barbara Winery Santa Barbara Chardonnay 2016
Fruity but undistinguished
We think this one is worth $16. One never knows what the wine spectator ratings mean. Are they blind tested across all price points? In this case we think the 90 WS score is justified considering the low price. But it’s not a particularly intriguing wine, although it’s great for drinking especially with people who like sweeter wines.
Review added on: 10/17/18  [Verified]
Bodegas Alto Moncayo Veraton 2015
Rich, full, simply great!
Dark fruit very heavy, nice finish, good mouthfeel. Lasting on the palate.
Review added on: 10/16/18  [Verified]
Errazuriz Max Reserva Chardonnay 2016
Refreshing, and a great buy
OK, we have lower expectations for a wine that cost $14. That said, this is extremely refreshing, slightly acidic, and still the fruit comes through.
Review added on: 9/17/18
Murrieta's Well 'The Whip' White 2015
Fruity, a bit sweet
For the price, this is very good. I find it a little one-dimensional, in that the fruitiness is what you left with even as the fruitiness is what you first encounter. We often have family visiting who will not drink a more sophisticated wine. This would be perfect for them.
Review added on: 9/11/18
Macrostie Vineyards Chardonnay 2014
Nice value, good fruit
Not everyone likes these fruity California Chardonnays. But this is a good example, and not expensive. We like it very much.
Review added on: 8/29/18
Les Vins de Vienne Condrieu 'La Chambee' 2015
A splurge, but totally worth the money
This one surprises from the first sniff and sip. The notes from wine spectator are spot on, but we didn’t get the singed almond. That’s an odd idea. Nonetheless, we will no doubt buy this again. After all, life is short, and wine is one of its great pleasures.
Review added on: 8/26/18
Craggy Range 'Te Muna' Sauvignon Blanc 2016
A good deal
For optimum flavors it really should be served closer to 45°. We put it outdoors and it’s 19 here and it was a little cold to begin with but it was still very tasty. For the price this is a really nice wine.
Review added on: 12/28/17  [Verified]
Foxen Chardonnay Bien Nacido Block UU 2015
Not so much
This is quite expensive, and the citrus elements are very dominating. It would be tolerable at a much lower price point but it’s ridiculous at this price.
Review added on: 12/16/17  [Verified]
Kendall Jackson 'Vintners' Reserve Chardonnay 2015
Remarkable at this price point
This is a lush and fruity Chardonnay of the buttery variety, that would stack up well against much higher priced competitors.
Review added on: 11/8/17  [Verified]
Sequoia Grove Chardonnay 2015
Creamy and very good of the buttery type
The price point for this wine is good. The label suggests pairing it with a cream-based dish or a subtle fish. These seem like good suggestions. Teasing aroma of green apple and some green herbaceous notes, and a strong buttery fullness.
Review added on: 10/29/17  [Verified]
Landmark Vineyards 'Overlook' Chardonnay 2014
Lovely, fragrant, full bodied
A surprise. Yes, oaky, but no cloying butter. We have no complaints, and price is right.
Review added on: 10/2/17  [Verified]
Aldo Rainoldi 'Sassella' Nebbiolo 2011
Elderberry jam
Dark, textured, difficult perhaps. But deep.
Review added on: 9/28/17  [Verified]
Chanson Vire-Clesse 2015
This wine takes a little studying. Not very obvious, but you can tease out subtle fragrances and flavors. Patience required. But worth it.
Review added on: 9/25/17
Feudo di Santa Croce 'LXXIV' Primitivo di Manduria 2013
Give it more time
Comes off with too much tannin at first, but rich and berry, chocolate, leather notes. We ordered a case and plan to save it for later.
Review added on: 9/23/17  [Verified]
Buchegger Riesling Tiefenthal 2013
Surprising, refreshing!
Not what we generally drink, so a very delightful first encounter! Enough acid for a hot day, and enough fruit and green tea notes for slow sipping.
Review added on: 9/23/17  [Verified]
St Michael Eppan 'Anger' Pinot Grigio 2016
Mineral refreshment
Extremely pleasant.
Review added on: 9/18/17  [Verified]
Routestock Cellars 'Route 99W' Pinot Noir 2014
Stands up to competition
Tasted against two other pinots this was the winner. Flavorful and not especially modest as many humdrum pinots can be, this was a pleasant surprise!
Review added on: 9/5/17
Keller Andrian Floreado Sauvignon Blanc 2015
Tomato leaf finish?
On its own has an unpleasant finish. We're not used to tomato leaf as a note of aroma or taste. Priced high for what it is. If priced maybe $3 lower it would be a good wine to keep around for summer parties. Better with food.
Review added on: 9/5/17
Paul Hobbs 'Crossbarn' Chardonnay 2016
Maybe at a lower price point?
Not a bad wine but not something we would go out of our way to find. A little disappointing given the reviews. Butter is strong throughout. But the acid is there. A little weak on other aspects. Maybe the floral notes are lost because we are competing with sweet autumn clematis and hydrangea from the garden. Just saying it might be different on another day. Very drinkable and ordinary wine, about 20% less in price would be right.
Review added on: 9/4/17  [Verified]
Vina Godeval Cepas Vellas Godello 2015
Less dimension than we hoped
Kind of acidic. Fruit not obvious
Review added on: 6/29/17  [Verified]
Sequoia Grove Chardonnay 2014
Great wine for price point
Not too buttery. well-finished and subtle. Citrus in the nose but also slightly floral. A tiny bit of orange. Very nice wine we would order again.
Review added on: 2/11/17
Shea Wine Cellars Chardonnay 2013
Unavailable? Don't worry. Not special.
So flat and just blah. Where did those tasting notes and ratings come from? Working hard to sense stone fruit or pine needles or citrus. Maybe vanilla, but unconvincing and boring.
Review added on: 1/24/17  [Verified]
Luca 'G Lot' Chardonnay 2013
Argentina? Who knew?
Pretty interesting for a Chardonnay, and even more so considering where it comes from. We are used to other whites from Argentina, and generally expect a lower price point. But this is a really well constructed wine that holds up and does not disappoint.
Review added on: 1/23/17
Ramey 'Sonoma Coast' Chardonnay 2013
Good but not at this price point
This is a very pleasant wine. Fruity, balanced, and with a good finish. But, not extraordinary. Hard to justify the price.
Review added on: 1/22/17
Joseph Phelps 'Freestone' Chardonnay 2013
Very well-balanced but pricey
For those who are weary of buttery Chardonnays. Subtle and does not hit you over the head with fruit.
Review added on: 11/19/16  [Verified]
Guy Saget 'Marie Beauregard' Vouvray 2013
Good buy
Nice balance of tart and sweet. Almond and lime plus minerality.
Review added on: 6/6/15  [Verified]
Michel Torino 'CUMA' Torrontes 2013
Great wine for price point
Immediate grapefruit and floral notes. Acidic and crisp. Stands up well against other wines at double the price. Perfect for summer.
Review added on: 6/4/15  [Verified]
Kendall Jackson 'Vintners' Reserve Chardonnay 2013
Go-to wine
Full bodied and lasting on the palate.
Review added on: 5/20/15  [Verified]
William Fevre 'Champs Royaux' Chablis 2013
Price point is reasonable. Wine is fruity for a Chablis.
Review added on: 5/20/15  [Verified]