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Le P'tit Paysan Cabernet Sauvignon 2016
Nose of berrie. palate ligh. lil sweet light fruit mild tannins.light body. Not memorable. 89 pts
Review updated 6/8/19 (originally added on: 6/8/19)  [Verified]
Chateau La Diligente Puisseguin Saint-Emillion 2015
Dark fruit on the nose and palate medium body fine tannins 90 pt. nothing wrong here
Review added on: 5/31/19  [Verified]
Hardin 'Napa Valley' Cabernet Sauvignon 2016
A fruit forward wine that got progressively darker and less sweet with more chocolate and espresso on progressive days after opening i. best on day 4 so decant, decant, decant! 89 pts first day 91 pts last da.
Review added on: 5/29/19  [Verified]
Chateau La Croix Lartigue Cotes du Castillon 2011
Nice wine
Dark opaque. Nose of strawberry dark cherry. Cedar. I smell the cab franc for sureDark fruit. Good acidity. Espresso finish. Firm chewy tannins. Good medium body. Nice finish. 91 pts.
Review added on: 5/25/19  [Verified]
Finca El Refugio Petit Verdot 2011
Nice wine great value
Dark inky purple. Vanilla spice nose. Big juicy grape. Succulent cherry. Bold full body. Firm tannins that linger. Bitter espresso finish and Hintof oak. 91-92 pts. A great value.
Review added on: 5/22/19  [Verified]
Elouan By Copper Cane Pinot Noir 2017
Cherry on the palate. Short finish. I like a more classic Russian River valley style Pinot noir that this wine does not have. 89-90 pts
Review added on: 5/22/19
Pian dell'Orino 'Piandorino' 2014
Not memorable. 90 pts.
Review updated 5/21/19 (originally added on: 5/21/19)  [Verified]
Castello di Monsanto 'Riserva' Chianti Classico RSV 2015
Nice dark purple opaque; darker than usual chianti. Great dark fruit of prune and plum on the nose. Some lavender as well. Palate of dark fruit and some dark cherry. medium body. nice long medium tannins. Drinks more like a super Tuscan . Very nice. better on 4th night corked in wine fridge 92 pts decant
Review updated 12/20/18 (originally added on: 12/20/18)
Tenuta di Nozzole Chianti Classico Riserva 2015
Nice ruby hue nose of red cherry and cedar palate is tart and a bit bitter on the end nice medium tannins it got better by day 4 corked wine fridge not very good straight out of the bottle food specific good with traditional Italian food 90-91 points
Review added on: 12/20/18
Bodegas Triton Tinta de Toro 2016
Deep dark purple. The Nose is of dark plum and dark candied fruit with some smoke. The palate Is a deep dark fruit flavor with coffee and some tart mixed in slight bitter finish mellowed on the second night. not my type of wine. amazing how different Toro can be. 89_90 point
Review updated 1/2/19 (originally added on: 12/12/18)  [Verified]
Numanthia Termes Toro Termes 2015
Nice wine
Nice dark purple hue. The nose is of dark plum dark fruit vanilla clove and oak . The palate continues with dark fruit and some tart cherry and jolly rancher. The tannins are firm and round and linger softly. This is a good wine. 91 points. Good value at this price
Review updated 12/11/18 (originally added on: 12/11/18)  [Verified]
Domaine De L'Agly Les Cimes 2013
Very nice Wine for the price. Minerals give way to dark fruit. Chocolate. Espresso. Mild velvety tannins. A silky wine. Nice medium body. 91 points. So good with lighter fare like oven roast chicken.
Review updated 12/1/18 (originally added on: 12/1/18)  [Verified]
Martinelli 'Zio Tony' Pinot Noir 2015
Very good
Dark dense color. Darker than most Pinot noir. Flowers honey lavender nose. Little menthol too. Palate is deep rich dark fruit and some sweet red cherry. Mild spice clove. Mild tannins. Medium body. Noticeable but slight bitterness is anticlimactic /disappoints at the end Reminiscentof the dairyman Belle glos but not as good because of that parting bitterness. Tasted over 5 nights non vacuum corked winefridge. Very consistentent each night. 92 pts. True to the winemaking process described (whichmeans it was not filtered or really touched out of the barrel to the bottle) this young wine put to rest for only a month or two showed fine sediment in the bottle.
Review updated 11/7/18 (originally added on: 11/7/18)  [Verified]
Groth Cabernet Sauvignon 2014
Excellent cab
Beautiful dark color. Vanilla. Spice. Everything nice on the palate and nose. Very smooth. Nice tannins. Good finish. 92-93 pts
Review added on: 10/30/18  [Verified]
La Rioja Alta 'Vina Ardanza' Rioja Reserva 2008
Very good old world mature wine
Dark Ruby color. Nose of honey. Prune. Cedar. Clove and spice. Silky medium body. Camomile and honey give way toTart acidity. Cherry. Dark esspresso. It got better after 3 days stored corked in a winefridge. This will appeal to the more expert Wine Drinker and much less so to a novice palate
Review added on: 10/23/18
Paul Hobbs 'Napa Crossbarn' Cabernet Sauvignon 2014
An entry level Paul Hobbs. Nose has an earthy overtone. The palate is pretty routine but not overly sweet. Its not memorable. 90-91 pts. The Paul Hobbs Napa Cabernet for $105 is a better buy despite the higher price tag.
Review added on: 10/10/18  [Verified]
Martinelli 'Bella Vigna' Pinot Noir 2014
Very good
Nice light color. Great nose of spice, vanilla. On the palate a beautiful sweetness. Tart cherry. Sour candy. BBQ smoke. Lingers so softly. Nice mild round tannins. Great wine. 92pts 2014 vintage
Review updated 8/26/18 (originally added on: 8/26/18)
Casa Castillo El Molar 2014
Good wine
Tart red cherry. Sweet strawberry. Acid. Not much fruit. No oak light to medium body. 90 pts. This jumilla is not typical as it's not monastrell but rather 100% Grenache. Enjoy
Review added on: 8/26/18
Camigliano Brunello di Montalcino 2010
Nice sweet cherry. Good smooth tannins. Beautiful tannins. Great brunello. Decant. Longer the better.
Review added on: 8/18/18  [Verified]
Camigliano Brunello di Montalcino 2012
2010 vintage. Nice sweet dark cherry. Great smooth tannins. A lovely brunello with excellent layers. I wish we decanted it longer.
Review added on: 8/18/18
Michele Satta Bolgheri Rosso 2015
Good wine
It is a floral and fresh wine with good fruit and zest. Lively. Not very full. Too light and fruity for my palate but I can understand who might appreciate this wine. Good structure. 90 POINTS
Review added on: 7/31/18  [Verified]
Antinori 'Guado al Tasso' Il Bruciato 2015
Good wine
I had this one night at a party. It was a decent wine off the top of my head. Dark fruit. Good structure. Acidity. Food specific. Nothing memorable.
Review added on: 7/26/18  [Verified]
Vilalva Reserva Douro 2015
Nice dark purple hue. Noses of dark sour cherry. Dark plums and black cherry palate. Slightly tart. Mild smooth tannins. No bitterness. Lil hint of smoke on the finish. Its not gonna get better so drink now. Its a simple but good wine. Good for a large backyard party or BBQ. Great value /QPR. 90 POINTS
Review added on: 7/10/18  [Verified]
Tenuta di Nozzole Chianti Classico Riserva 2014
Great Chianti
Nice dark color. Nose dark fruit. Prunes and dark cherry palate is full. Medium body. Some oak. Some mildsweetness and medium round tannins. Great value. 91-92 points
Review updated 7/6/18 (originally added on: 7/2/18)
Tenuta di Capraia Chianti Classico Riserva 2013
Nice dark color. Alcohol and dark fruit nose. Very little fruit on palate. Dry. Dry. Acidic.Not a great wine. Disclaimer: tasting review on fourth nightopened, corked in fridge. Did not change a lot. In a world full of great Chianti and other wine, this is not memorable.
Review updated 11/25/18 (originally added on: 7/1/18)  [Verified]
Podere Brizio Rosso di Montalcino 2015
Great wine
Nice ruby red color. The nose has nice Violet and floral notes with some hints of lavender and red fruit. There is initial sweetness on the front palate gives way to very firm and very pleasant tannins that linger nicely. This is a very enjoyable wine without food but even more so with good Italian food. 91pts. Great RDM
Review updated 6/22/18 (originally added on: 6/22/18)  [Verified]
Fattorie Melini 'Selvanella' Chianti Classico Riserva 2012
Good wine
Nice Ruby red color. Concentrated dark fruit and dried cherries on the nose. Palate is tart cherry, plum and prune. Minor intermittent smoke. Very Italian food specific. Great with meatballs and sauce etc.mild tannins. straight forward Chianti classico riserva. 91pts
Review updated 6/22/18 (originally added on: 6/22/18)  [Verified]
Casanova di Neri 'Ir Rosso' Di Casanova di Neri 2015
Decent wine
Nice dark and dense purple color. Nose is dark fruit and berries with slight Brandy. Dark cherry and plum palate. Slight Olive brine. Medium body. Tannins are mild and round. 90 points. It's a good table wine with Italian food.
Review added on: 6/20/18  [Verified]
The Prisoner Red Blend 2016
Im a just a bit disappointed by all the hype. I think this wine is very unique. It is very sweet The hue is dark. The nose is as described but it's essentially port and Sherry. A super concentrated sweet fortified wine flavor. I think there has to be significant tampering with the winemaking process here. This is not for my palate but if you like this you definitely like port and Sherry. Consider the basil Hayden port rye or Spanish Brandy from Jerez afte dinner with this. Same lineage.
Review updated 6/20/18 (originally added on: 6/13/18)
Domaine Lafage 'La Narassa' Red Blend 2015
Decent wine
90 pt. Dark inky purple. Cherry nose. Warm palate. Medium body overall. Dark cherry cola and stewed plum and prune. Dark, sweet fruit dominates. Fresh and young tasting. I bet there is mourvedre and syrah tucked into this. Mild smooth tannins. It's not my style but my California-wine-fan friends would love it. Beautiful bottle and label. It's a good overall value but not for Italian dry wine lovers like me. By fourth night it lost its fruit.
Review updated 6/11/18 (originally added on: 6/8/18)  [Verified]
Bodegas Ego 'Infinito' Red Blend 2012
Dark inky purple. Nice dark plums on nose. Youthful tasting younger than its stated age. Big dark cherry cola up front. Juicy. Some vanilla and spice from oak mid palate. Mild tannins. Finish is sweet. Not my style but good structure. This is a pleaser for the less experienced palate and occasional wine drinker. Drinks like a lower end Cab. The opposite of a dry wine. Lotta sugar here. 15%ABV supports that observation. It got better with aeration. 90 pts
Review added on: 2/22/18  [Verified]
Produttori del Barbaresco Nebbiolo Langhe 2016
Nice Ruby red. Nose of mild rubber. Asphalt. Earthy. But pleasant. Berries up front but fruit is mild. Late palate reminiscent of coconut water. Medium to firm tannins are round. No bitterness. Great dry wine May get better with age,certainly good now. Italian dishes will pair very well. 90-91 pts
Review updated 2/14/18 (originally added on: 2/14/18)  [Verified]
Cantalupo 'Agamium' Nebbiolo 2009
Nice light read color. Cherries on the nose. Dark fruit and cherries. Little Greek yogurt. Good firm tannins linger. Love this wine. Great with any traditional italian Food.
Review added on: 1/26/18
Molino 'Gallinotto' Barolo 2013
Good and solid
Nice garnet typical of barolo. Nose of violet, lavender, strawberries and Concord grapes. Mild sweet fruit. Dark cherries and chocolate on the palate. Great firm tannins linger. Round and smooth. Great wine. 92 pts.
Review updated 1/25/18 (originally added on: 1/25/18)  [Verified]
Decoy by Duckhorn Wine Company Cabernet Sauvignon 2015
Nice tart dark hue and raspberries cherries on nose. Those notes carry over to the front palate. The mid palate gives way to a hint of tart jollyrancher candy dominated by darkchocolate and espresso. Mild tannins. Not too dry. No real oak notes. Does not drink like a cab in my opinion. A nice wine at a good price. 90 pts
Review updated 11/27/17 (originally added on: 11/27/17)
Antinori 'Toscana' Villa Antinori Rosso 2013
Dark cherries. Good tannins. Smooth finish. Good italian Tuscan red made for Italian fare. 90 pts.
Review added on: 11/25/17  [Verified]
Le Potazzine Rosso di Montalcino 2015
Mild flowers on nose. Dark Cherries and mild dark chocolate. Silky wine. Mild tannins. A nice wine with good structure. Good for Italian cuisine for sure drinks like a super Tuscan pricey relativeto it's competition but a nice bottle overall. 91 pts
Review updated 11/4/17 (originally added on: 11/3/17)  [Verified]
Castello Banfi Rosso Di Montalcino 2015
Good structure. Dark fruit. Mild oak. Good tannins. 91 pts
Review added on: 11/3/17
Altesino Rosso di Montalcino DOC 2015
Good wine but better RDM for the price. I enjoyed it though. Dark fruit. Not much oak. Dry. Fair tannins. Not memorable. 90 pt
Review added on: 11/3/17
Barone Ricasoli 'Brolio' Chianti Classico 2013
Nice tart dark Cherries. Good acidity. Nice tannins. Great Chianti. 91 pts
Review added on: 11/1/17  [Verified]
Ciacci Piccolomini Rosso di Montalcino 2015
Excellent value
Nice dark hue. Dark plum and fruit on nose and palate. Espresso chocolate. Some vanilla and spice from the oak in background. Long smooth tannins finish well. Great wine. Best RDM I've had in a while. 91-92 pts
Review added on: 11/1/17  [Verified]
Marisco Vineyards 'The Kings Favour' Sauvignon Blanc 2015
I don't typically drink SB but this one is good. Not as acidic and thin like the usual SBs are. Good value.
Review added on: 10/28/17  [Verified]
Fattoria del Cerro Vino Nobile 2013
2015 reviewGreat dark hue. Plums. Cherries. Medium body and tannins. Good smooth finish. Great value. 91 pts
Review added on: 10/28/17  [Verified]
La Colombina Rosso di Montalcino 2014
This has good dark color and fruit. Medium tannins. A bit tart. 90 pts
Review added on: 10/27/17  [Verified]
Castello Banfi Rosso Di Montalcino 2014
Review updated 10/27/17 (originally added on: 10/27/17)  [Verified]
San Polo Rosso di Montalcino DOC 2014
Violet lavender nose. Thin body. Acidic. No fruit. Did not get better after a night recorked in winefridge. This wine is not special. Better RDM out there for sure. 89-90 pts
Review updated 10/27/17 (originally added on: 10/27/17)  [Verified]
Il Fauno di Arcanum Toscana 2013
excellent super tuscan
nice ruby red hue. lavender and violet and cherry cheesecake on the nose. white pepper and dry bay leaf on the palate. dark concentrated dry fruit on the palate. small amount of smoke in the background that is reminiscent of Bordeaux . tannins are firm and linger softly. polished with subtle vanilla from oak at the very end (reminiscent but lighter than an Amarone), i would decant and let breathe. this robust wine will be better with oxygenation and will cellar well. will shine with good italian ciusine. 91 pts
Review updated 9/7/17 (originally added on: 9/7/17)  [Verified]
Felsina Chianti Classico Riserva 2013
Excellent value
Beautiful ruby hue. Oak with its vanilla and sweet cherry nose. Awesome supple velvety texture with medium body. Very nice cherry and black tart fruit. Tannins are firm and linger softly.
Review updated 8/30/17 (originally added on: 8/27/17)
Casa Santos Lima 'Colossal' Red Reserva 2014
Excellent value
Great inky purple. Nose of dark Cherries. Palate has dark plum and cherries. Pleasantly Tart. Dark chocolate. Mild oak. Nice medium tannins. Great with egg rolls and Chinese food. 91 pts
Review added on: 6/9/17  [Verified]
Cune Reserva Rioja 2012
This wine is a bit mute. Dry. Acidic. No real oak. No fruit Not a typical rioja by my taste.
Review updated 5/12/17 (originally added on: 5/12/17)  [Verified]
Torre de Ona Rioja Reserva 2010
Classic rioja
No surprises here. A pretty typical rioja.
Review added on: 5/12/17  [Verified]
El Coto 'Coto de Imaz' Rioja Reserva 2010
Classic rioja. Good acidity. Tart sour cherry. Nice oak on back finish. Medium tannins are rounded and polished.
Review added on: 5/3/17  [Verified]
Ruffino Modus 2013
Excellent value
Great smoke and sulfur nose with some berry in background. Full juicy dark fruit and cherry palate with medium to full body. Round silky tannins. Great luscious wine. Richer and better than the 2012. 91-92 pts.
Review updated 3/10/17 (originally added on: 3/10/17)
Joseph Phelps 'Freestone' Pinot Noir 2013
This is a good Pinot noir. No good smoke that I love. I drank side by side with the deloach Russian River valley and it was better at less than half price.
Review added on: 3/8/17
Orin Swift Locations 'F-3' French Red Wine 2013
Fair 3.5 stars
Dark purple. Dark plums and Violet bouquet. Dark stewed plums with some sweetness. Tannins are velvety and almost chalky at the end. No oak. It's a young bulk wine. Nothing impressive. Not very complex. 89-90 pts
Review added on: 2/14/17
Tolaini 'Al Passo' IGT 2012
Great garenet color. Cap and tobacco smoke on the nose. Palate offers tart cherries with good acidity. Light to medium body with medium firm tannins that linger. 91 pts.
Review updated 2/5/17 (originally added on: 2/5/17)  [Verified]
Fratelli Saraceni 'Libero' Toscana IGT 2010
Solid wine. Great value
Dark hue. Nose and palate are tart cherry and dark plum fruit. No oak. Medium body and tannins which have great long finish. This got better after a night recorked. 90-91 points.
Review updated 2/5/17 (originally added on: 2/5/17)  [Verified]
Orin Swift 'Locations' 'E-5' Spanish Red 2015
Too sweet
Nose of dark plum. Sweet dark fruit and plum on the palate. Chalky tannins are medium. 89 pts. Fruit forward young wine.
Review added on: 1/31/17  [Verified]
Macarico 'Macarico' Aglianico 2012
Love this vintage
Dark purple. Nose of strawberries with cedar and light oak. Palate with medium body. Dark Cherries red fruit with soft supple silky medium tannins. This beats the 2007 vintage in my estimation. What a value! Better after a night re-corked in fridge. 92pts
Review updated 11/25/17 (originally added on: 1/31/17)  [Verified]
Colpetrone Sagrantino di Montefalco 2010
Fair. 3.5 stars
Dark deep hue. Nose of dark fruit some violet. Palate is of burnt coffee and dark chocolate with some bitterness at the mid palate and finish. A hint of brandy as well. High tannin content that grip the mouth. Prior vintages were more polished. This opened and softened each day I drank it suggesting time will soften this very dry wine. I bet in 2-5 years it will get better. Decant if drinking now. This is only for the dry tanninc wine lovers. 90 pts as always cuisine will make the difference.
Review updated 2/1/17 (originally added on: 1/31/17)  [Verified]
Orin Swift Locations 'I-2' Italian Red Wine 2012
Juicy vibrant young
Nose of fig and Spanish brandy. Dark plum with mild spice and dark coffee on the palate. Reminiscent of of a Spanish Jumilla monastrell yet surprisingly made from negroamaro and Nero D'Avola. Tannins are medium as is the body. This is a fruitier wine but a good value. 90 pts.
Review added on: 1/30/17  [Verified]
La Lecciaia Rosso di Montalcino 2011
Excellent value
Dark brown red color. Nose of raspberry and cherry. Tart cherry with medium body. Great smooth tannins. A beautiful rosso. Really opens up over several days. I should have bought a case. 91 pts.
Review added on: 1/23/17
Rocca delle Macie 'Sasyr' Sangiovese / Syrah 2012
Same bottle sampled over several days. The nose has good tobacco smoke and some red berries. Palate has mild sweetness that fades to mild tartness and mild tannins. No noticeable oak and does not linger. It tastes young. Not dry or bold enough for my palate. Reminiscent of a Nero D'Avola. I agree, would be good with light fare. Everyday wine without much direction will lend itself to the food that dominates your palate. Good value overall. 89-90 pts
Review updated 10/2/16 (originally added on: 10/2/16)
Piccini 'Villa al Cortille' Brunello di Montalcino 2008
Nose of lavender and Concord grapes similar to dei vino Nobile. Palate of tart fruit cherries and mild oak. Medium tannins and good finish. Was definitely better after night to breath corked in wine fridge. 91 pts
Review added on: 9/12/16  [Verified]
La Colombina Rosso di Montalcino 2013
Great Rosso Di montalcino
Lavender and berries on the nose. On the palate, tart cherries typical of good sangiovese. Finish is dry with good round tannins and mild oak. Very good. 91 pts
Review updated 9/2/16 (originally added on: 9/1/16)  [Verified]
Fattoria del Cerro Vino Nobile 2012
Good vino nobile
Acidic and tart most with nice tart cherries on the palate. Smooth medium rounded tannins. A good wine at a fair price.
Review added on: 8/4/16  [Verified]
Lopez de Heredia 'Reserva' Rioja 2003
Past its time
The wine has a must-like odor with little fruit. Palate is acidic and turning towards vinegar. Little tannins left. Oak, Rioja's trademark finish, is almost completely absent. Not a good rioja at this stage.
Review added on: 6/21/16  [Verified]
Colpetrone Sagrantino di Montefalco 2009
Very good
Nose has nice notes of dark chocolate and plums/cherries/tart fruit. Palate has great full body with chocolate, espresso, dark cherries. Nothing sweet here. Just beautiful dark, dry goodness. Sagrantinos are the most tannic wines I have ever tasted. Not for the fruit-forward wine drinkers. I like this wine and I bet the grippy firm tannins soften in time in the bottle. Great wine at this price point. I did not recognize much difference from the 2008. Such remarkable consistency.
Review updated 5/25/16 (originally added on: 5/25/16)  [Verified]
Fattoria del Cerro Rosso di Montepulciano 2013
Nose is mild and muted with hint of light berries. Palate is mild. Tart acidic fruit. Mild tannins. Lacks body. Not very complex. No oak. Good for the price. Good with light Italian fare such as pizza. A bulk wine for large party. 89-90 pts depending on food and atmosphere.
Review added on: 5/19/16  [Verified]
Dei 'Vino Nobile' Montepulciano 2012
The nose has mild Concord grape aroma. Palate has mild fruit. Little hint of oak. Dry finish with mildly puckering tannins. Not bad but not as good as the 2011 which was far more refined. What a difference a year makes. There are better wines at this price. 90 pts.
Review added on: 5/17/16  [Verified]
Castello Banfi Rosso Di Montalcino 2013
I recently sampled about 6 or 7 rosso di montalcino and this one was among the best. I think I still prefer a good chianti but this had good tart cherries. Minimum oak due to short time in the barrel but good medium smooth tannins. 90-91 pts depending on food and atmosphere. Pairs well with traditional Italian food
Review added on: 5/17/16  [Verified]
Uccelliera Rosso di Montalcino 2013
Cherries and some smoke on the nose. The palate has tart fruit. Good firm tannins. This is s very good wine at a reasonable price. Wish it had a liitle more time in oak. I suppose thats where the brunello enters. 91 pts
Review updated 5/13/16 (originally added on: 5/10/16)  [Verified]
Mocali 'Rosso di Montalcino' Sangiovese 2014
cherry and mint on the nose. Palate is dry with sour cherry and little oak despite its 11 month tenure. Tannins are firm, smooth, rounded, and modest. It's good not great. At this price point you have many options. It did get better with each tasting over three night suggesting air will open it up. 90 pts.
Review updated 5/11/16 (originally added on: 5/10/16)  [Verified]
Dei Rosso di Montepulciano 2014
Nose is muted. Little character. Palate is acidic. Tart. No real fruit other than mild Concord grapes. Very young wine lacking features. Tannins are fair and smooth. A fruit plucked too soon. 89 pts.
Review added on: 5/10/16  [Verified]
Robert Mondavi Private Select 'Bourbon Barrel Aged' Cab 2014
Great value
Classic cab fruit. Has great oak. As a scotch and bourbon drinker I can appreciate that bourbon American oak flavor with honey and vanilla and a hint of spice. The tannins are mild and polished. I am not a big cab drinker but this is a good wine at a great price.
Review added on: 3/3/16
Felsina Chianti Classico Riserva 2011
Great chianti
Muted nose of sour cherries and Sherry brandy. The palate is firm and minimal fruit with good acidity, mild bitterness, and good smooth rounded tannins. The wine lingers. A good riserva though I prefer ruffino tan label at a lower price.
Review added on: 1/17/16
Gran Passione Veneto Rosso 2015
Fair wine
Violets and sour candy on nose quite floral. Tart light fruit on the palate with mild sweetness which is largely from the majority merlot. The tannins are mild and make this wine Finish light to medium. This is not an amarone though it shares some of the same production process. It is a fair wine at a fair price. It was better the second night after sitting with a regular non-vacuum cork. 90 points.
Review updated 1/13/16 (originally added on: 1/12/16)
Tenuta di Sesta Brunello di Montalcino 2010
Not great
Not a great brunello. Average to subpar. A good chianti take you farther for less. Would not buy again. Based on two bottles
Review added on: 1/10/16  [Verified]
Villa Poggio 'Salvi' Brunello di Montalcino 2010
Good brunello
Typical nose of cherries and plum. Palate is deep. More oak than usual but a pleasant surprise and taste. Smooth tannins linger nicely. Decent price. Not a steal but I would buy again
Review added on: 1/10/16  [Verified]
Di Majo Norante 'Ramitello' Biferno Rosso 2011
Great value
Dried fruit and tobacco on nose. Mild fruit from the sweeter montepulciano and oak on palate. Tannins medium and rounded owing to the aglianico. Medium length finish. Smooth and dry. Excellent wine at a great price.
Review updated 6/4/16 (originally added on: 1/10/16)  [Verified]
Cusumano Nero d' Avola 2016
Great value
Nose is mild, raspberry jam. Palate is dry with tart acidity. Mild bitterness near the end. Good firm lingering tannins make it a nice dry finish. Great cork indeed. Fabulous wine. Price even better.
Review updated 1/6/16 (originally added on: 1/6/16)
Antiche Terre Amarone della Valp 2012
Good wine but a fair amarone
Strawberry and cherry jam on the nose. Sweet on the palate but very little oak. Not typical of an amarone. Good wine not so good amarone.
Review added on: 12/26/15  [Verified]
Sella & Mosca Terre Rare Reserva Carignano 2010
Stewed prunes on nose. Salty olives dominate the palate with very little to no oak. Tannins are moderate with dry finish. Not my style. This grape typically a filler, this wine shows why. 89 points
Review added on: 12/25/15  [Verified]
Marco & Vittorio Adriano Barbaresco Basarin 2010
Great barbaresco
Sour Cherries on the nose. Dry with oak on the palate. Fruit is mild. Oak is mild and good. Tannins are moderate and soft. Very good wine.
Review added on: 12/24/15  [Verified]
Marques del Puerto Gran Reserva Rioja 2004
This is a classic rioja. Tart with cherries up front finishes with soft round tannins and good, but not overpowering, oak. One of the best rioja riserva values I've ever found!
Review updated 1/11/16 (originally added on: 12/9/15)  [Verified]
Rocca delle Macie 'Riserva' Chianti Classico 2009
The wine stays true to the typical chianti taste and body overall using the not-so-typical-for-chianti fillers of merlot and Cabernet sauvignon. Mild sour cherry on the nose. Not much fruit or oak on palate. Mild tannins. Sangiovese dominates the scene but cab and merlot make this supple. It is a good value and a good overall wine. 90-91 pts.
Review updated 12/25/15 (originally added on: 12/3/15)  [Verified]
Mastroberardino 'Mastro' Aglianico IGT 2011
Great value. Firm round tannins. Dry with little fruit. A popular winemaker without a cliche wine
Review added on: 12/3/15  [Verified]
Casa Moreiras Barrica Mencia 2013
Slight fizz on the tongue. Some fruit dominated by cured olives. Tannins are mild. No oak in sight. Sharp contrast to a bold dry wine. It is clear why France and Italy have created doc and docg; to standardize quality and consistency. I've tried many mencias and no two are alike. It's no wonder
Review added on: 12/3/15
Casa Moreiras Barrica Mencia 2012
Slight fizz on the tongue. Some fruit dominated by cured olives. Tannins are mild. No oak in sight. Sharp contrast to a bold dry wine. It is clear why France and Italy have created doc and docg; to standardize quality and consistency. I've tried many mencias and no two are alike. It's no wonder
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Dei 'Vino Nobile' Montepulciano 2011
Great vino nobile
Concord grapes on the nose. Mild tart cherry on the palate. Soft supple tannins that linger softly. Nothing harsh or bitter here. Very smooth. Excellent vino nobile. 91
Review added on: 7/25/15  [Verified]
Di Majo Norante Aglianico Contado Riserva 2011
Still young
The posted review is accurate. Cherries and some oak in nose. Palate is dry with little fruit initially and then espresso,burnt coffee and cola at the end. The tannins are strong and "grippy" indeed, with a bitter finish. The 2010 was soundly better and more polished. This may soften with several years time in the bottle. Not bad just not quite great.
Review added on: 6/30/15  [Verified]
Tenuta Ghiaccio Forte Morellino di Scansano 2013
Very good
Iron on the nose. Subdued fruit, sour cherry on the palate. Subtle. Round medium tannins with modest finish. 90-91 pts.
Review added on: 6/18/15  [Verified]
Colpetrone Sagrantino di Montefalco 2008
tobacco and stewed plums on the nose. dry and tannic on the palate. excellent body with a good round espresso finish.
Review added on: 6/15/15  [Verified]
Ruffino Modus 2011
Good fruit. Not too much. Hint of oak. Round mild tannins. Excellent with Italian cuisine. Best ruffino of the line. 92 pts
Review added on: 6/4/15  [Verified]