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Pewsey Vale Dry Riesling 2014 image
Pewsey Vale Dry Riesling 2014
Posted Apr 13, 2014
SPRING TIME IN A GLASS"Pewsey Vale is an Australian Riesling that is absolutly perfect for those nice sunny spring days. The nose is is a balance of lemon and lime with some nice vibrant aromatics. This is a very approachable wine, clean and crisp with an off-dry finish. Notes of apricot and honeysuckle followed by some minerality. Put a chill on this wine and celebrate the coming of spring."
Chakana Winery 'Estate' Malbec 2012 image
Chakana Winery 'Estate' Malbec 2012
Posted Mar 2, 2014
A BEAST OF A WINE."The first thing you notice about this wine is the color, a vibrant shade of dark purple sets the tone for what you're in for. The nose on this wine has hints of blackberries and smokey charcoal. You need to let this wine open a little to really experience the complexity of it. Tastes of blackberries and raspberries, with a spicy zest play with the taste buds. The finish is long and pleasant with bold, well integrated tannins that will leave you wanting more of this lush, full bodied, and fruit forward wine. This beast of a wine pairs great with red meat and especially BBQ, or you can enjoy this wine by itself."
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