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Theodore H has been a customer since Mar 2020

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Reyka Vodka 1.0L 80proof image
Reyka Vodka 1.0L 80proof
Posted Dec 20, 2021[Verified]
Hendrick's Gin 1.75L image
Hendrick's Gin 1.75L
Posted Mar 26, 2021[Verified]
SUCH A GREAT GIN"Really nice gin for Negroni or making a Hanky Panky. Pricey but well worth it."
Old Grand Dad 114prf 750ml image
Old Grand Dad 114prf 750ml
Posted Mar 8, 2021[Verified]
GOOD STUFF!"I love flavor and spice in my bourbon and rye, but this was just a bit over the top for me. Its fun to try and great to see how different people react to it. A good conversation piece. Great for mixing if you want to keep your drink strong. A bit too hot for sipping straight. You will want to water it down a bit to be able to enjoy, but I t holds up pretty well. Great for the price."
Lucid Absinthe 375ml image
Lucid Absinthe 375ml
Posted Feb 26, 2021[Verified]
Wild Turkey 101prf 1.75L image
Wild Turkey 101prf 1.75L
Posted Nov 19, 2020[Verified]
BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!"This is now my go to bourbon. Great for mixing drinks but also great for sipping neat. Add a few drops of water and it opens up nicely! Cant beat this for the price."
Carpano Punt E Mes 750ml image
Carpano Punt E Mes 750ml
Posted Nov 19, 2020[Verified]
BEST SWEET VERMOUTH"Love this stuff! Nothing quite matches this but I have also enjoyed Antica Carpano which is sweeter and more full bodied then I also like Berto Sweet Vermouth which is a bit more bitter. But this is my fav."
High West 'Double Rye' Rye 92prf image
High West 'Double Rye' Rye 92prf
Posted Nov 19, 2020[Verified]
HANDS DOWN, THIS IS THE BEST RYE FOR THE PRICE!!!"My go to bourbon! Wish they made a 1.75L of this! Great for sipping and great for mixing and doesnt break the pocket book."
Chartreuse 'Green' Liqueur NV 750ml image
Chartreuse 'Green' Liqueur NV 750ml
Posted Nov 19, 2020[Verified]
SUCH A GOOD MIXER FOR CRAFT COCKTAILS"Great for mixing several high end craft cocktails! Even good for sipping. Try making this with a drink called The Final Word"
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