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Brinley 'ShipWreck' Coffee Rum 750ml image
Brinley 'ShipWreck' Coffee Rum 750ml
Posted Dec 4, 2019[Verified]
TRIED SOMETHING NEW, NOT BAD AT ALL"I picked up a bottle of this Coffee Rum to try. And to put into some strong java after dinner when friends are over. Was pleased with this product, might have to grab another bottle around the holidays! :)"
Maker's Mark Bourbon 1.75L 90proof image
Maker's Mark Bourbon 1.75L 90proof
Posted Apr 19, 2019[Verified]
MAKERS MARK IS ALWAYS A GOOD CHOICE!"Makers Mark Bourbon is always a good choice! And the 1.75 liter bottle at Empire for under $45 is a great value!"
Heritage 'Brown Sugar' Bourbon 750ml image
Heritage 'Brown Sugar' Bourbon 750ml
Posted Apr 9, 2019[Verified]
TOO MUCH CINNAMON"Thought this might be a fun thing to have around. But it simply had too strong a cinnamon taste for my liking... And too sweet as well... Oh well, never know till ya try :) Might make a great glaze for home made cinnamon buns however!"
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