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Glenora Wine Cellars Peach Passion NV image
Posted May 11, 2020[Verified]

"It stands on it's own as a fruit based wine that has just the right amount of sweetness for me, great as a compliment to a good meal as an appropriate desert! Thought I would try this along with Deep Eddy Peach Vodka to combine the two and boy was I right! The Deep Eddy flavored vodkas are strong in their flavor and vodka content to begin with but combined with this wine it is completely satisfiying!!"

Deep Eddy 'Peach' 1.0L 70prf image
Posted May 11, 2020[Verified]

"My beloved girlfriend was a big fan of Crown Royal Peach and we both enjoyed sipping that together until it ran out and became unavailable! I thought I would surprise her with this Deep Eddy Peach as she was a big fan of Deep Eddy Cranberry and boy can we not be without it now!!"

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