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Chan De Rosas Albarino 2015 image
Posted Feb 26, 2017

"Before the very first sip is taken, you will be entranced by the angelic nose on this Albariño from Rías Baixas. Delicate floral notes blend ever so slightly with an impressive touch of lemon that simply jump out the glass. The bright acidity and long crisp finish makes this the perfect paring for most shellfish dishes. I can't think of a better way to treat yourself as we transition into the spring season."

Castle Rock 'Kristy Vineyard' Pinot Noir Reserve 2014 image
Posted Jan 12, 2017

"With a commanding ruby hue, this Monterey County Pinot Noir grabs your attention with it's notable dark fruit aromas. Light to medium body, with a subtle undertone of ripened black cherries and a remarkably soft finish. Moving into the New Year, everyone is looking for that new and exciting addition into their wine arsenal. Look no further than Castle Rock 'Kristy Vineyards' Pinot Noir."

Ben Haines 'B Minor' Shiraz/Marsanne 2015 image
Posted Nov 7, 2016

"This medium to full bodied Shiraz is skillfully blended with just 5% Marsanne that really shines through on the silky finish. Containing robust dark fruit on the nose, B Minor entices you with aromas of blackberry , black cherry and plum. Once on the palate, there is an impressive array of black pepper that moves into a subtle smokiness that finishes with a soft touch of vanilla. As the weather changes this wine is a perfect way to enjoy on any occasion this Autumn."

Kruger-Rumpf 'Munsterer Rhein' Riesling Kabinett 2014 image
Posted Oct 3, 2016

"Here we have a stunning off dry Riesling Kabinett from Germany. From the very first pour the aromatic features jump out the glass, with a engaging mixture of rich stone fruit and honey. This Kruger-Rumpf Kabinett offers crisp acidity with luscious hints of ripe apricot, apple and a touch of underripe peach. Due to it's light off dry sweetness combined with its finish of minerality, this Kabinett works as the excellent choice for any spicy dish parings."

Vina Godeval Cepas Vellas Godello 2014 image
Posted Sep 5, 2016

"Equipped with notes of rich stone fruit, the aromatic features of this Godello just dance in your glass. Although this Spanish varietal may not be as popular as Verdejo or Alberino, this drier style wine still finds a way to leave its mark on you with its light body and its unoaked crispness. Offering subtle acidity blended with underripe nectarine and a touch of minerality on the finish, it's a must have for any white wine lover looking for something lively. Don't allow the summer to end without having a bottle of this complex, yet stunningly refreshing Godello."

Eric Solomon Selections 'Novellum' Chardonnay 2014 image
Posted Jul 31, 2016

"From the very first pour, a resounding blend of stone fruit and tropical fruit jump out of the glass. Novellum Chardonnay is championed by the lush pineapple, fresh apricot, underripe mango and slatey minerality offered sip after sip. This wine possess a very nice mouthfeel that is coupled with a touch of acidity and an impressively clean finish. If you are thinking of what to pair with a nice summer salad, look no further than this stand out Chard from Languedoc. All of this from a wine that is under $10."

Roth Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2014 image
Posted Jul 1, 2016

"Powerful aromas of fresh basil, ripened kiwi and lime zest jump out of the glass. This fantastic summer wine is defined by its faint greenish gold hue, bright acidity and its impressively clean finish. From the very first pour notes of lemon, grapefruit and green apple are perfectly balanced with a light touch of minerality on the finish. This New World Sauv Blanc possesses a medium body which makes pairings with lobster, crab or chicken based salads ideal for the summer. So sit back, enjoy the sun and take in a glass of one of Alexander Valley's finest Sauvignon Blancs."

Routestock Cellars 'Route 29' Cabernet Sauv 2013 image
Posted May 25, 2016

"The world renowned terroir of North California shines through in this impressive Cabernet. From the very first pour, you are engulfed in a beautiful array of rich red fruit. On entry, you feel the medium to heavy bodied structure this Cab offers. As the wine evolves you are taken through a journey of robust raspberries, soft mint, black cherries and ripe cranberries that is brought to a silky finish. With it's bright acidity, this wine calls for food. What better way to enjoy summer then with pork chops or sausage on the grill and a taste of Napa Valley in your glass!"

Casa de la Ermita Crianza 2010 image
Posted Apr 28, 2016

"The talent of standout Spanish blends, are that they will knock you right out of your seat! Without a doubt, that is what we have in this 2010 Casa de la Ermita. In the glass, the wine possesses a beautiful shade of dark ruby and is able to effortlessly pack aromatic notes of blackberry, raspberry & pepper into each glass. This Crianza is a well balance of Monastrell, Tempranillo & Cabernet Sauvignon, which gives it a medium to heavy body feel with a lingering velvety finish. It's safe to say that this is a easy drinker and will appeal to fans of Spanish red blends. What a steal for under $15!"

J.J. Vincent Julienas 'La Conseillere' 2010 image
Posted Jan 31, 2016

"I am impressed by the silky texture of this Beaujolais. On the palette there is a natural touch of red fruits with a subtle hint of smokiness."

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