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Sans Wine Co.' Finley Road' Sauvignon Blanc 375ml Cans image
Posted Jun 20, 2022[Verified]

"I was most disappointed in this Sauvignon Blanc . I bought it because I wanted 375 ml size and could no longer get the Kim Crawford 375 ml Sauvignon Blanc that had been my go to for wine for 2. This is my first time for wine in a can, but that should not make a huge difference. The Sans Sauvignon Blanc was course , harsh and not at all what I was expecting. My husband, who prefers beer and ale to wine thought it was OK and drank it . I do not know if the taste has to due with the fact of the can instead of a glass container or that this is the way Sans thinks a Sauvignon Blanc should taste . What ever the reason this is not a wine I would ever want taste again. Too harsh too course not at all like the pleasant fruity , light sunny wine I was hoping for. Sorry Sans Wine I think that you missed the point with this wine.Co. I think you missed the point with this wine."

Chateau de la Font du Loup Cotes du Rhone Blanc 2020 image
Posted May 29, 2022[Verified]

"This delightful Cote du Rhone is a favorite with group of dinner companions that regularly meet for dinner conversation and wine. Always an important topic. I fell in love with the far more expensive vintages from this winery but could not afford to have those vintages at our daily table. I looked through Chateau de la Font du Loops other wines and found this delious blend of whites and now buy it by the case. I love it and it is a true crowd pleaser and quite affordable what more can you ask?"

Perrin Famille 'Reserve' Blanc 2020 image
Posted Mar 19, 2022[Verified]

"This delightful white Rhone blend Has become an overnight success with my friends and the Dinning group I eat with twice weekly. I have been exploring the whites of the Chateauneuf du Pape and the Rhone valley. The area is known for it's great wines at mostly Great prices and justifiably so. Now this charming white blend with depth and layers of flavor stands proudly on the table next to its Noble kin holding forth with authority and not disappointing. Its price is unbelievable UNDER TEN DOLLARS. The Perrin Family is truly Blessed and they so graciously offer their incredibly popular product at a price that anyone can afford. Buy your self a bottle, in fact live a little buy a case. No, I am not related i any way to the Perrin Family."

Mont Redon Chateauneuf du Pape Rouge 2017 image
Posted Jun 26, 2021[Verified]

"This luxurious Chateauneuf du Pape is, to my taste, the perfect red. Rich , warm and welcoming. I would be delighted to sit in front of a fire drinking this great red while enjoying a Mozart symphony and reading Henry the Fifth. A collection of my favorite things. A friend who has lived in Paris said this wine was "Baby Jesus in velvet pants".It sounds better in French.The English translation sounds odd but it expresses the wonderful feelings of joy and celebration that this Chateauneuf brings to ones palet. Try this wine and you will do just what I did. Stock up on this treasure of the vintners art. You could serve this with a standing rib, a goose, a duck , in fact it would make any food a special feast. Or on it's own with a wonderful Stilton. Indulge yourself and try this Chateauneuf du Pape."

Raimbault Noel et Jean Luc Sancerre 2019 image
Posted Apr 30, 2021[Verified]

"This was a great favorite with our regular dinner group. A wonderful addition to the scallops caponata . I look forward to serving it with Creamed Chicken with mushrooms and avocado. A summer wine with character and yet subtle enough for sea food. A wine to always have on hand . A classic Sancerre ."

Belle de Brillet Pear Liqueur 750ml image
Posted Jul 13, 2020[Verified]

"Superb ! Magnificent ! There aren't enough words to describe this Lush Pear flavored Cognac for that is what this marvelous liqueur is. Straight, over ice or in a cocktail the rich mellow flavor is a joy to the sophisticated palette and a delight to the newly initiated. It is worth ever penny of it's price and has become , for me , gift of choice to my nearest and dearest. I serve it in a cocktail before a dinner party , or on the rocks at a luncheon and straight after a dinner with friends. I have yet to find any one who has not been delighted with Belle de Brillet. Indulge yourself and try this truly grand Liqueur."

Bacardi Grapefruit 1.0L Rum image
Posted Sep 7, 2019[Verified]

"With Schweppes ginger ale this grapefruit flavored rum is one of the best summer drinks ever. Use the Schweppes diet ginger ale for a low calorie drink. Bacardi seems to be the only maker of grapefruit flavored rum and it is one of the very best flavored rums."

Chateau Doisy Daene Blanc Sec 2011 image
Posted Dec 15, 2018[Verified]

"Rich round fruit without being sweet. Precise without being sharp. A delight at any table. Served with Lobster drawn in tarragon butter it was Magical. Another perfect match when paired wit Coquilles St. Jacques."

Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc/Viognier 2017 image
Posted Dec 7, 2018

"This gentle unassuming white wine pleases every one that I have offered it to. I always have a few bottles on hand because it is so very popular."

Domaine Martin Sancerre 2017 image
Posted Dec 7, 2018[Verified]

"Brilliant white with enough depth of flavor to stand as well with more heavily spiced food as it does with Raw oysters , steamed Lobster and most any seafood. Cool Crisp and Delicious ."

Regis Minet 'Vieilles Vignes' Pouilly Fume 2016 image
Posted Nov 9, 2018[Verified]

"This wine is my "GoTo" white when entertaining, especially for sophisticated "foodies"and/or widely traveled guests.Its complex layers of brilliant and rich full fruit through florals into a crisp minimality surprise and delight. I highly recommend R. Minet's Vieilles Vignes as a staple in your wine cellar and on your table."

Clos du Mont Olivet Chateauneuf-du-Pape 2015 image
Posted Aug 30, 2018[Verified]

"This heavenly red is a highlight in 65 years of enjoying wine. This wine makes you forget what you are discussing with others as the flavors draw your thoughts to the joy of this beautiful vintage. I wish I had bought a few cases. If you can find this wine any where it is worth what you will have to pay."

Clos de Los Siete Malbec Blend 2014 image
Posted Aug 30, 2018[Verified]

"Remarkably satisfying full bodied red. Stands up to the highly educated palette yetis just as welcome to those whose wine experience is less broad. Always perfect with roast lamb or beef but a delight when served around the barbecue with the humble hamburger, ribs and other picnic food. It does not need a fancy venue to make a meal into a feast."

Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc/Viognier 2016 image
Posted Aug 30, 2018[Verified]

"This lovely blend of Chenin Blanc and Viognier has been the favorite white of all my guests this summer. From eggs to seafood it has complimented everything I have served it with . A white to have on hand for any occasion ."

Terra Noble Gran Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 image
Posted Aug 30, 2018[Verified]

"Great Cab ideal accompaniment for a Prime rib roast beef and it does not break the budget.Very well received by knowledgable European and US wine aficionados."

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