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Cooks 'Brut' Sparkling NV image
Cooks 'Brut' Sparkling NV
Posted Apr 22, 2021[Verified]
NOT BAD"It is a decent sparkling wine for the price, for sure! But there is a drawback: The somewhat irregular bottle shape makes it difficult for me to store them in our tall/skinny Liebherr fridge."
Jaume Serra 'Cristalino' Brut NV image
Jaume Serra 'Cristalino' Brut NV
Posted Apr 22, 2021[Verified]
SWEEEEEEEEEEET"If you like your sparkling wines sweet, this would be perfect. Some reviewers said it was dry, so I had high hopes...but it ended up being one of the sweetest sparkling wines I have ever had! I wonder if that was a bad batch, but it was anything but dry."
Ballatore Gran Spumante NV image
Ballatore Gran Spumante NV
Posted Apr 22, 2021[Verified]
SWEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!!"If you like your sparkling wine SUPER sweet, this would be a great choice for you. But, for me, it was just tooooooooooo sweet that it made me almost nauseous."
Cupcake Vineyards Prosecco NV image
Cupcake Vineyards Prosecco NV
Posted Feb 19, 2018[Verified]
THERE ARE BETTER OPTIONS IN THIS PRICE RANGE"I can't believe I am saying this about a $10 bottle of prosecco, but I feel this is a tad overpriced. There are no notable attributes and it is certainly drinkable--but, then, there are more interesting wines for 20% to 30% less in price. Also, for some reason, I think I get headaches from drinking this prosecco..."
Villa Jolanda 'I Love You' Vino Spumante NV image
Villa Jolanda 'I Love You' Vino Spumante NV
Posted Feb 19, 2018[Verified]
TOO SWEET"The bottle is super cute--but it is far too sweet to be taken seriously."
Segura Viudas Cava Brut NV image
Segura Viudas Cava Brut NV
Posted Feb 19, 2018[Verified]
MEH..."It's definitely not bad, and the bottle design is certainly attractive. But the overall feel is just "meh," without any notable characteristics... But, then, in this price range, that may be a positive attribute. I do find it to be a bit on the inconsistent side, though, and some batches seem noticeably better than others."
Freixenet Blanc de Blanc Brut 750ml image
Freixenet Blanc de Blanc Brut 750ml
Posted Feb 19, 2018[Verified]
PREFER THIS TO THEIR CORDON NEGRO"It's similar overall to Yellowtail Bubbles...but with less harsh bubbles. I find it to be very consistent (unlike many other cheap bubblies), and I prefer this Freixenet to its sister product, Cordon Negro, because I somehow feel Blanc de Blanc is more complex and less "in your face" than Cordon Negro."
Great Western Extra Dry NV image
Great Western Extra Dry NV
Posted Dec 15, 2017[Verified]
REVISED/INSONSISTENT [PREVIOUSLY: SUPPORT THE LOCAL BUSINESS...AND IT IS GOOD, AS WELL."I am updating my review after my 2nd purchase. I liked this so much previously that I ordered a case...and this batch has been horrible. Every bottle we have opened thus far has been just horrendously sour...like vinegar. I suppose inconsistency is a sign of cheap wine, and I won't be buying again anytime soon [my old review appears below]==This is a safe pick. With so many undertones, it seems to have been made to appeal to a wide range of palates, although I am not entirely sure how I feel about the distinct aftertaste. It is on the "flabby" side--yet it isn't all that smooth. But it is definitely above average in this price range! I buy cases of these for daily use, to give away, etc., mostly because I want to support a local NYS-based business."
Cooks 'Extra Dry' Sparkling NV image
Cooks 'Extra Dry' Sparkling NV
Posted Aug 11, 2017[Verified]
I'M NOT PICKY, BUT..."At home, I often drink cheap sparkling wine, and I am proud of it! For everyday use, I am not all that picky because I mix it with juice anyhow. Still, this one doesn't quite cut it for me. It feels harsh, rather than sharp or dry, to me, and it leaves an indescribable aftertaste. I don't think it's the complexity of the flavor--it is just an odd aftertaste. The reviews seem very positive, so it may just be my personal preference."
Laurent Perrier 'La Cuvee' Brut Champagne NV image
Laurent Perrier 'La Cuvee' Brut Champagne NV
Posted Aug 11, 2017[Verified]
WELL-BALANCED"I had this wine on Qantas Airlines, and I liked it enough to make a note of it. It is a bit on the sharper side, but everything else about it is balanced. I usually stock this along w/ Moet, Veuve, etc., and it is nice enough for special occasions."
Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut NV image
Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut NV
Posted Aug 11, 2017[Verified]
IT'S A BARGAIN"I have some friends that drink A LOT of bubblies. When I have them over and know I'll be popping many bottles open, this is one of my go-to sparkling wines/Cava. It's definitely better mixed, but it isn't all that offensive by itself. At this price point, I can't complain."
Moet & Chandon Brut 'Imperial' 750ml image
Moet & Chandon Brut 'Imperial' 750ml
Posted Aug 11, 2017[Verified]
A NOTCH ABOVE OTHERS IN THE PRICE RANGE"I think this is probably the best choice for special-enough occasions for middle class folks like myself. It is balanced, and most people would find it pleasant--although I personally feel it leaves a slight "edge" and isn't quite as smooth as some of its counterparts."
Nicolas Feuillatte Brut Reserve NV image
Nicolas Feuillatte Brut Reserve NV
Posted Aug 11, 2017[Verified]
ENTRY FEUILLATTE"I like it. It's a bit on the simpler side w/ the emphasis being the tartness. Some may even find it slightly bitter/sour (and I do, at times, experience some aftertaste), but the bubbles are pretty mild and it's fruity enough--which balances things out nicely."
Veuve du Vernay Brut NV image
Veuve du Vernay Brut NV
Posted Nov 10, 2016[Verified]
A GOOD DAILY SPARKLING WINE"It's light, and it's actually pretty good even without mixing with juice...although I sometimes sense a hint of harsh-ish/bitter-ish undertone. Overall, it's an excellent choice for daily use."
Yellow Tail 'Bubbles' Sparkling White 750ml image
Yellow Tail 'Bubbles' Sparkling White 750ml
Posted Sep 24, 2016[Verified]
FAR, FAR EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS. BETTER THAN MOST $80 BOTTLES."A friend recommended this, so I thought I'd give it a try--and it far, FAR exceeded my expectations. First, let me talk about the downsides. It's on the sweeter side, so if you prefer drier bubblies, then you should keep that in mind. Also, I find the "gas" to be initially a bit harsher than the norm. So, I've learned to "air" it out for a few minutes...or mix with juice. If you're aware of this, I think this would be good for either drinking straight or mixing.Now, the good/remarkable things. It doesn't have a harsh undertone, overbearing aroma or noticeable aftertaste common among most sparkling wines/champagne under, say, the $100 range. I usually drink Veuve, Feuillatte or Chandon in the $50-$70 range, but I find this to be just as pleasant to drink, if not more so, for about 1/10 of the price! I also find the cap to be convenient, as I rarely finish a bottle in one sitting. All in all, unless it's a special occasion that calls for Dom, Salon, etc. or you and/or your company have preference for dry bubblies, I don't think you can go wrong with Yellow Tail Bubbles!"
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