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Gravner Breg 2004 image
Gravner Breg 2004
Posted Jul 27, 2018[Verified]
AMBER IN COLOR, WITH AN ALMOST-RED TINGE"Followed this first bottle of three over two evenings, vacuum sealing in between. Pours amber in color, with an almost-red tinge. Pleasant nose with lower concentration. Notes of toasted orange rind, spice cabinet, musty house, and some floral elements. Mineral-driven on the palate. Surprisingly, it took on a very salty mineral quality on night two. Lower flavor concentration to match the nose. Fairly short finish underpinned by fine, rounded tannins. This may be declining a bit judging by 2016 notes, but it could also be simple bottle variation. A fun experiment at USD$30 from Empire Wines. "Very good," 88/100."
Besserat de Bellefon Cuvee des Moines Brut NV image
Besserat de Bellefon Cuvee des Moines Brut NV
Posted Jul 27, 2018[Verified]
A PLEASANT BUDGET CHAMPAGNE"PnP at cellar temperature. A pleasant budget Champagne, with fundamentally correct orchard fruit and bready aromas. Some interesting complexity in the form of herbaceous (parsley, sage) aromas. Modest flavor intensity, but very well balanced in the mouth. "Very good," 87/100."
Santo Wines 'Grande Reserve' Santorini Assyritko 2014 image
Santo Wines 'Grande Reserve' Santorini Assyritko 2014
Posted Jul 27, 2018[Verified]
HIGH QUALITY ASSYRTIKO FRUIT MASKED BY HEAVY-HANDED OAK TREATMENT"Followed over two nights with consistent notes. Decent enough wine, with a pleasantly rounded mouthfeel and bright acidity. However, what seems to have been very high quality Assyrtiko fruit has been masked by heavy-handed oak treatment. What has resulted is a wine that could essentially be confused with a higher acid California Chardonnay. To our minds that is a shame. "Very good," 87/100. Not a strong QPR at USD$36."
Gremillet 'Selection' Brut NV image
Gremillet 'Selection' Brut NV
Posted May 25, 2018[Verified]
"PnP at cellar temperature. Really enjoyable, if simple. Agree generally with other notes: a big, yeasty nose with some stone fruit accents. A great mouthfeel with lackluster flavor intensity and short finish. Well-balanced with medium acid. Decent budget Champagne, but nothing more. "Good-to-very good," 85/100."
Domaine de Terrebrune Bandol Rose 2015 image
Domaine de Terrebrune Bandol Rose 2015
Posted May 24, 2018[Verified]
A GAMBLE AT THIS AGE, BUT PRETTY DECENT ALL THINGS CONSIDERED."First and only bottle, followed over two nights. Believe it or not, this is still alive! Dusty rose color, mild aromatics of green strawberries and hay. Fairly lightweight on the palate with lower flavor intensity. Still retains bright acid. Not much of a finish on it. I would finish up any lingering bottles this summer.A gamble at this age, but pretty decent all things considered. Surprising how the structure has held up. "Very good," 86/100."
Rovellotti Ghemme 2006 image
Rovellotti Ghemme 2006
Posted May 14, 2018[Verified]
A REALLY GREAT INTRODUCTION TO GHEMME"Enjoyed over two evenings. Lighter burgundy in color with some bricking. Wonderful nose of wildflowers (lots of them!), brambly berries, Italian herbs, and tobacco on the first evening after a 3-hour decant. Rich, fresh berry and floral flavor profile backed by bright acid and fine, compact tannins. Finishes long with continued fresh berry flavors. Floral notes blew off somewhat by the second night, leaving a dried cherry profile with more leathery flavors, but still quite structured. A really great introduction to Ghemme for us, and appropriately priced at USD$30. Drinking very well now but should hold for another 5 years, probably more. "Excellent," 92/100."
Obalo Rioja Reserva 2010 image
Obalo Rioja Reserva 2010
Posted Apr 11, 2018[Verified]
AN ENGAGING, WELL-STRUCTURED, AND MINERAL-INFLECTED WINE"Pours inky garnet with coarse sediment in the last few mL. Followed over two nights. During the first evening the wine was tightly wound and a little austere. Some dark fruits and char were evident, but subdued. This had opened up by the second night. Powerful and mineral-inflected (rust, dry earth, rock dust) with supporting dark fruits (blackberry, black cherry) and spices. Tight-knit structure with thick, youthful tannins and lively, medium(+) acid that complement a warm, round mouthfeel.This could use another 2-4 years to unwind, and should hold for several more thereafter, so drink ~2020-2028. Perhaps atypical for Rioja (blind, we may have been in Graves or the Medoc) it is nevertheless, an engaging, well-structured, and mineral-inflected wine. "Very good-to-excellent," 90/100."
Domaine de Roally Vire-Clesse 2015 image
Domaine de Roally Vire-Clesse 2015
Posted Mar 30, 2018[Verified]
SADLY DID NOT GET THE COMPLEXITY OTHER TASTERS DID"PnP at cellar temperature. A vaguely offputting nose and flavor profile, possibly containing some terpenes, but bitter and vaguely nutty and maybe a bit vomit-like. Nice rounded mouthfeel. Sadly did not get the complexity other tasters did. Perhaps an off bottle? Just "good," 82/100."
Saint Jean du Barroux L'Argile Ventoux 2010 image
Saint Jean du Barroux L'Argile Ventoux 2010
Posted Mar 2, 2018[Verified]
A VERY HIGH QUALITY WINE."Enjoyed over two nights. A refined and enjoyable wine, with complex aromas of underbrush, mesquite, salty mineral, cran-raspberry, herb, and spice. Flavors to match with a wonderfully firm structure provided by crunchy medium(+) acid and medium(+)-intensity grape tannin. A warm, round mouthfeel provides a great foil to the fresh acid. In a great place right now with just enough fruit remaining, but structure could allow the wine to develop for an additional 4+ years. Solid QPR at USD$26. A very high quality wine. "Excellent," 92/100."
Casaloste Don Vincenzo Gran Selezione Riserva 2009 image
Casaloste Don Vincenzo Gran Selezione Riserva 2009
Posted Mar 1, 2018[Verified]
NOT SURE WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS FOR THIS WINE; IT MAY NOT AGE ALL THAT WELL"Drank over two nights. Nice on night one, with lots of ripe, dark fruit and a heavy mouthfeel. Some savory and earthy flavors underpinning the ample fruit. Balanced medium acid and tannins leading into a pretty long a really good spot. Drops off by night two, even after storing under ArT18. Fruit recedes and alcohol comes to the fore, making it feel thin and hot. Not sure what the future holds for this wine; it may not age all that well judging by our second night experience. Poor-to-modest QPR at USD$33. Overall, "very good," 87/100."
Joseph Faiveley Chablis AC 2012 image
Joseph Faiveley Chablis AC 2012
Posted Feb 25, 2018[Verified]
INCREASINGLY GOOD WITH WARMTH. LEMON CURD AND LACTIC NOTES ABOUND, WITH SOME KEY LIME AND CHALKY ACCENTS."Drank over two nights. Pours light gold. Increasingly good with warmth. Lemon curd and lactic notes abound, with some key lime and chalky accents. Really shines in the mouth, where it is rounded and viscous, but pleasantly so. Flavors best at room temperature. Showing its age; the medium(-) acid just barely manages to support the ample weight of this wine. Drink in the next year or two. "Very good," 89/100."
Domaine Lafage Tessellae 'Old Vines' 2013 image
Domaine Lafage Tessellae 'Old Vines' 2013
Posted Feb 22, 2018[Verified]
AGGRESSIVE, RUSTIC TANNINS AND INTENSE ACID MAKE THIS A GOOD FOOD WINE"No detailed notes, but the nose carries interesting aromas of sweet pepper bacon and dark fruit. Fresh and candied red fruits join on the palate. Aggressive, rustic tannins and intense acid make this a good food wine. "Very good," 87/100."
Keller 'Von der Fels' Trocken Riesling 2016 image
Keller 'Von der Fels' Trocken Riesling 2016
Posted Feb 22, 2018[Verified]
A RAMBUNCTIOUS, IMMATURE WINE THAT COULD BENEFIT FROM TIME ON ITS SIDE"Enjoyed over two nights. Puckeringly tight and sour on first open. Takes half an hour+ to come around and loosen up a little bit. Pit fruits and apple, orange zest, lime, and a dusting of chalky mineral are all present, followed up by firm, taught acid. Second night the acid abates somewhat, leaving a more generous orange zest and Granny Smith apple-esque profile with balanced acid and lime accents providing lift. Great length on both nights. High quality.This is a rambunctious, immature wine that could benefit from time on its side. Can be a fun drop right now, provided you have two or three nights to follow it. "Very good-to-excellent," 90/100, at this stage."
Calabretta Etna Rosso Nerello Mascalese VV 2007 image
Calabretta Etna Rosso Nerello Mascalese VV 2007
Posted Feb 16, 2018[Verified]
"VERY GOOD," 87/100."First and only bottle, enjoyed over two nights. Pours with an amber rim and garnet core, sans sediment. First night some cherry and balsamic on the nose with lively cherry and dried red fruit flavors. Second night it deepened a bit to an earthier profile, with motor oil, brown spices, and dried fruits in the forefront. Mature structure with medium acid and round medium(-) tannins. Lacking length and drive. "Very good," 87/100."
Le G de Chateau Guiraud Bordeaux Blanc Sec 2014 image
Le G de Chateau Guiraud Bordeaux Blanc Sec 2014
Posted Feb 9, 2018[Verified]
A LITTLE DISAPPOINTED BY THE LACK OF PRECISION AND MINERALITY"Drank over two nights. A little disappointed by the lack of precision and minerality in this wine given the high praise of other notes. Nice tropical and stone fruit melange (apricot, grapefruit, pineapple, papaya, etc.) with gentle, medium acidity. Some sweetness (not sure if actual RS or not) on the midpalate, and a little short on the backend. Probably not a lot of aging potential. "Very good," 87/100."
Greg Norman Cabernet Merlot 2017 image
Greg Norman Cabernet Merlot 2017
Posted Aug 3, 2015[Verified]
NICE AUSSIE CAB/MERLOT BLEND"PnP at cellar temperature. Presents as garnet with vivid violet highlights. The nose has a nice mixture of Merlot and Cab Sauv characteristics, with blackcurrant, a green note (eucalyptus?), and a touch of pepper. On the palate, acidic blackcurrant and blackberries dominate the attack with a slightly greener midpalate following. Firm structure with medium(+) knappy tannins and medium(+) acid supporting the already-crisp flavor profile. Finishes medium with the flavor of blackberries following through to the end.This was a great pairing to sage burgers. "Very good," 88/100."
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