Alipús was born in 1999 as an alternative project, backed by Los Danzantes Distillery, with the idea of ​​mapping Oaxaca through the different expressions of its mezcales, which are differentiated from each other by the conditions where it is produced, its soil , the water, and the climate of each one, that is, the terroir.

On the other hand, it seeks to promote and develop the traditional producers of Oaxaca, their knowledge and their high quality products, which did not have the dissemination they currently have.

Santa Ana del Rio 'Alipus' Mezcal Tequila 750ml
Santa Ana is at 4000 feet, but many of the local agaves are grown higher up. The soils are light-colored sandy shale. Eduardo ferments in tall slender pine vats. His mezcals are clean, balanced, fruity, and delicate.  Alipus is distilled from local wild plantings of the agave espadín, the genetic
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