Angels Envy

When Lincoln came out of retirement to creat Angel's Envy, it was to collaborate with his son, Wes, on a bourbon finished in Port barrels. He'd had the idea for years, but had never had the chance to explore it previously. It was just as important to Lincoln to be creating a new type of whiskey as it was to be building something with his family. Wes's son Kyle eventually joined his family to help with the fledgling brand, and to learn side by side with his grandfather. Rooted in 200 YEARS of bourbon heritage, we create hand-finished spirits that aren't afraid to improve on the classic tradition. Inspired by legendary Master Distiller Lincoln Henderson's lifetime spent crafting fine spirits, Angel's Envy is our masterpiece. The 5% of spirit lost each year during barrel aging is called the "Angel's Share." After tasting our finished whiskey, Lincoln joked that we'd finally gotten a better deal than the angels.
And so Angel's Envy was born.

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Angel's Envy 750ml 86Prf Straight Bourbon Whiskey
“Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey finished in a port pipe. This is veteran master distiller Lincoln Henderson’s newest creation, and it’s a beauty. Richly textured, silky, and well-rounded, with ripe berried fruits, candied tangerine, light toffee, maple syrup, and creamy vanilla, sprinkled with
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Angels Envy Bourbon 2018 Cask Strength 124Prf
2018 Edition Bottling Angel’s Envy Cask Strength Bourbon is finished in ruby port wood wine casks. Once it has reached its peak flavor, the bourbon is bottled at cask strength. It has bold notes of vanilla and milk chocolate that complement touches of red fruits, light oak and berries. The finish
Item Number: 32024
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Angel's Envy 750ml Rye Whiskey
" For those of you looking to explore a new area of the rye whiskey circuit, we present to you Angel's Envy Rye Whiskey. This unique liquid is finished in Franco Caribbean Rum Casks which previously carried French cognac. The result is a rye whiskey that begins in a somewhat traditional fashion, but
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Angels Envy Bourbon Cask Strength 124.5prf
Ranked the “Best Spirit in the World” by Spirit Journal in 2013, Angel’s Envy Cask Strength Bourbon Finished in Port Barrels is unlike any whiskey you’ve ever tried. Angel’s Envy is releasing a very limited number of bottles of the award-winning Cask Strength this year.   Appearance  Rich gold