Barbers Farm Distillery

Since 1857, six generations of Barbers have farmed this land in the heart of the Schoharie Valley. Much has changed over the years. We’ve grown from a small homestead farm to a bustling farm market with four satellite truck markets.

Our new distillery and 1857 Vodka is the latest chapter in the evolution of our 160 year-old farm.
Yet, our close family and community ties continue to be our inspiration and support. On any given day, you will find sons, daughters, grandchildren, and schoolmates in the fields and at the markets, working hard to maintain our high-quality produce and provide customers with our “welcome home” friendly service. It is our pleasure to offer you the experience of dealing with us in the time honored tradition of farm markets. For more about Barber’s Farm:

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Barbers Farm Distillery 1857 'Classic' Potato 750ml
" 1857 Vodka is made in small batches. Handcrafted to attain a perfectly smooth and creamy flavor. We grow the highest quality, best tasting potatoes in nine feet of rich “Barbour Basher” alluvial soils of the bottomlands. Our spring water comes from the aquifer directly beneath this soil. From the
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