Barrell Bourbon

The idea behind this Barrell Craft Spirits is to "explore the unique effects of different distillation methods, barrels and aging environments, and bottle them at cask strength." This is accomplished through outstanding relationships within the tightly knit spirits community and sourcing the best distillates available without compromise. By definition, the bottlings of Barrell Spirits are limited in nature with new releases hitting the market frequently. Barrels are sourced from around the country (and soon the world), shipped to Barrell's facilities in Georgetown and Frankfurt, Kentucky for additional aging and bottling. Barrell Craft Spirits is dedicated to moving towards complete transparency. However, some of their partners insist upon production non-disclosures.

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Barrel Craft Spirits #18 111.56 Proof Bourbon 750ml
Tasting Notes A blend of straight bourbons with all the comfort of your favorite Old Fashioned -- sweet and rich with notes of honey, orange and cherry. Coffee and tropical fruit on the palate lead into an earthy finish that invites thoughtful contemplation as the whiskey continues to evolve. 
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Barrel Craft Spirits #16 105.8 Proof Bourbon
Bourbon Batch 016 is a blend of barrels set aside over the past year for a distinct toasted orange note. The ages range from 9 year 9 months to 15 years old. Deeply concentrated but not too oaky, this bourbon is unique due to the barrels being selected for similar qualities despite being different

Barrell Bourbon # 12 Bourbon
Flavor Notes Sumptuous and lush, Batch 12 fills the mouth with late summer fruit jam and dollops of fresh whipped cream on hot brioche bread pudding. The multi-minute finish is rich with chocolate and heady rye notes.  Appearance: Deep amber at the core melting to rose gold and brightly polished