Bloody Bold

For many years, Bob had been making gallons of Bloody Mary's for his friends, relatives and neighbors at weddings, bar mitzvahs, showers and on Super Bowl Sunday. In September of 1995, Bob decided to bottle his formula. With no previous experience in the beverage industry, it took months of experimentation to perfect the process to mass produce his product.

Bob's concept was to create a premium quality Bloody Mary Mix that tasted great, one that was made with pure and fresh all natural ingredients with no preservatives added. Other objectives were to give it a rich body so it would not "water down" when the ice began to melt. Even the last sip of Bloody Bold had to taste great.

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'Bloody Bold' Bloody Mary Mix 32oz
" BLOODY BOLD is a unique blend of the freshest, purest all-natural ingredients ... made rich and thick, so that it does not water down after ice and vodka have been added. There are absolutely no preservatives, artificial flavorings or additives " ~ Distillery notes
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