Time is the most important ingredient in J.Boomsma's Âlde Kapteyn Real Old Geneva. This truly old genever is one of the very few in the Netherlands which is aged in small, oak barrels for more than one year. This allows the fine grain distillates and pure grain and malt wine to develop in peace. After at least one year of ripening, and when the genever is brought up to drinking strength, this tender old genever has to 'marry' for a further two months. The result is an old genever which is as good as gold and as smooth as silk.

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Boomsma 'Oude' 750ml Fine Old Genever
"Boomsma Oude Fine Old Genever has flavor that may surprise many gin drinkers; vanilla and baked apple wrap around more usual juniper and cinnamon notes. Its very creamy and round, with a long finish. Because of its texture and complexity, it is best served chilled on its own." ~ Distillery notes
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Boomsma 'Jonge' Genever Gin 750ml
"For centuries Genever has been the world famous drink of Holland, with its soft pure Juniper berry fragrance. It is best savored chilled and neat or as the main ingredient to an elegant Martini."