CAMUS owes its international reputation to the richness and extreme subtlety of flavor found in its Cognacs, offering a complexity that appeals to all the senses. The demanding work undertaken by the cellar master to perpetuate this unique style is based on the blending of eaux-de-vie from different crus and of different ages, requiring a combination of technical virtuosity, inspiration and intuition.

The cellar master's quest for perfect harmony gives rise to a painstaking selection process, with the choices made according to the flavor desired for each creation: floral or fruity notes, how well the crus complement each other, barrel selection and achieving the perfect balance.

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Camus 'Borderies' VSOP 750ml
" More fruit up front here, growing considerably as it gets some air to it. Cinnamon apple, apricots, even coconut and pineapple notes come across. You don’t get much of that with the standard VSOP, which keeps its cards closer to its vest. The finish only builds up the fruit component. 15,000

Camus 'Elegance' VS 750ml
" Elegance is the defining characteristic of all CAMUS Cognacs. CAMUS VS Elegance is a careful blend of eaux-de-vie made from wines distilled without lees.  Its personality is very faithful to the original aromas of the wine and the quintessential flavors of the Charente terroir, characterized by

Camus 'Borderies' XO 750ml Gift Set
" Creating CAMUS XO Elegance requires years of meticulous work. The process starts with the careful selection of different styles of hugely rich eaux-de-vie from all six of the Cognac crus (Borderies, Petite Champagne, Bons Bois, Grande Champagne, Fins Bois, Bois à Terroirs).  The presence of the