Carpano Antica Formula - unusual vermouth from Fratelli Branca Distillerie. In 1786, Benedetto Carpano created a completely new drink - Antica Formula. His original recipe does not change until now. For the production of vermouth used carefully selected mountain herbs and flowers that give the drink rich, bright flavor and unique aroma. Carpano Antica Formula is usually served chilled as an aperitif or after meals. This Italian vermouth is ideal for making delicious cocktails. Thanks to its mild taste, Carpano Antica Formula emphasizes sound classic Americano and Negroni. One of the most popular drinks on the basis of Carpano Antica Formula - cocktail Prince of Wales. It is served in a prestigious lounge-bar at the Ritz in London. Carpano Antica Formula produce in limited quantities. Bottle shape for vermouth preserved from the 18th century, each of them is assigned a unique number.

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Carpano Antica Formula Dal 1786 Vermouth 1.0L
" Antica Formula is a red vermouth made from an original recipe by Antonio Benedetto Carpano, the man credited with creating modern vermouth in Turin in 1786. Carpano originally developed vermouth by mixing herbs with a base wine and then sweetening it by adding spirit. His new drink proved so
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Carpano Antica Formula Sweet Vermouth 375ml
95  Wine Enthusiast 
Wine Enthusiast 95 "This dark, mysterious vermouth is rich, complex and layered, boasting aromas of mint and other herbs, plums and figs, reminscent of Madeira. The rich flavors are hard to pin down: cocoa, red wine, almonds, bitter marmelade, hints of spice and toffee all play across the palate,
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Carpano Punt E Mes 750ml
An excellent red Italian aperitif from Carpano, Punt e Mes contains quinine (also found in tonic water), which contributes the bitter part of its bittersweet flavour.~distiller notes
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Carpano Vermouth Bianco 1.0L
It's smoother, slightly floral, and less caramel-y than Carpano Antica Formula, but with that same superb bittersweet balance.' Made with a white wine base (using Trebbiano, Chardonnay and Cortese grapes), Carpano Bianco is fortified and then flavored with ginger, cloves, chamomile, hyssop, and
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Carpano Dry Vermouth 1.0L
Carpano Dry is a clear colored vermouth, yet vibrant and bright like platinum. And just like platinum, Carpano Dry maintains its characteristics over time, thanks to the distinctive ingredients in its recipe and the quality of the Fratelli Branca Distillerie production processes.   Its aroma is
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