Cedar Ridge

Cedar Ridge Distillery is Iowa's oldest & largest whiskey producing distillery in the state.
Cedar Ridge whiskey is for the explorers, aficionados, and connoisseurs that want more authenticity and a personal-human connection when it comes to their whiskey drinking experience. Cedar Ridge, Iowa's first distillery brings you the best Midwest whiskey from America's beloved grain belt. Whether you are after a bottle of coveted Silver Label Single Malt or Multi-award winning Iowa Bourbon Whiskey, Cedar Ridge whiskey will be your drink for celebrations, rough days, and any day in between.

We know that many people think of Iowa as just having corn – we're perfectly fine with that. That means that we have the benefit of having the best product to make the best bourbon– Iowa Corn. Fine craftsmanship is a true reflection of Iowa's mentality, where we do the best with what nature gives us, while maintaining minimal waste. The best corn and grains come from the most fertile soil found right here in America's Grain Belt.

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Cedar Ridge 750ml Bourbon
" For the best bourbon, go straight to the heart of corn country. Cedar Ridge Bourbon is built on a base of corn whiskey, barley and rye. Artisans guide the nation's favorite blend through distillation, charcoal filtering and aging. This is the best of the Midwest in a bottle and recently given a
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Cedar Ridge Rye Whiskey
The predominant aroma when nosing the glass is a combination of girl scout  shortbread cookies and fresh rye bread.   There is some typical heat and sharp spice from the rye when drinking it down, but there is little to no burn. Overall, this is easier to drink than some bourbons. I think that a lot
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Cedar Ridge Wheat Whiskey
The softest of our whiskies, 100% winter white wheat is mashed in house to create a delicate yet flavorful spirit. Distilled twice and mellowed in new lightly charred American Oak casks, this smooth whiskey is meant for sipping. One of the few wheat whiskeys produced anywhere!