Chateau Du Tariquet

Chateau de Tariquet 8yr 750ml
"Since 1683 the Chateau du Tariquet and its vineyards have produced some of the greatest Armagnacs of the region. These Folle Blanche Armagnacs originate exclusively from the vineyards of the Chateau du Tariquet; Grown on the domaine, they are matured and bottled in Tariquet's cellars. Tariquet's

Chateau Tariquet Bas Armagnac VSOP Zen Carafe
Varieties :Ugni Blanc 60% Baco 40%Characteristics : The youngest of the brandies in this typical Bas-Armagnac blend was aged in 2,2 to 6 hl French oak barrels, in our cellars, for at least 7 years.