Coquerel Vineyard was founded by Brenda and Clay Coquerel in 2006 with the purchase of an existing vineyard on Tubbs Lane in Calistoga. Several years later they sold part of this vineyard and acquired one of their neighbors vineyard's – today they have a total of 12 planted vineyard acres

Brenda and Clay are high school sweethearts from Abilene Texas. They have collected wines for 30+ years and have always enjoyed French Wines especially from the Graves sub-region in Bordeaux, France. They fell in love with Napa during an anniversary trip. While visiting the valley, Brenda decided she wanted a wine project – they started with the vineyard, then they started making wine commercially. Today they produce about 4000 cases annually.

With a love for French wine, the Coquerel's found Christine Barbe – a winemaker from France who honors French wine-making tradition and techniques. If your a French winemaker who moves to the Napa Valley you quickly meet other winemakers from France. With Christine's connections a number of their non estate vineyard sources are from French owned vintners that she personally knows.

Each wine is divided up into small batches during the fermentation – using separate yeasts and then ultimately blended together. The focus is to preserve varietal characteristics – the wines are only filtered one time before bottling.

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Coquerel Fine Calvados 375ml
" The aging and mellowing process determine the quality of Calvados. Slow aging in oaken casks and the subtle interchange between apple brandy and wood, give mature Calvados its color and refined bouquet. Product of a long tradition, it gives you a warm taste of Normandy. " ~ Distillery notes