Dillons Small Batch Distillers is a division of Pure Spirits Distilling Corporation located in the Niagara Region. Located in Beamsville, Pure Spirits is a craft Distillery making distilled spirits in the age old traditional methods in small batches using copper pot stills and locally grown ingredients. This enterprise will capitalize on the recent growth of the market for high quality distilled spirits, in particular Canadian rye whisky which has been experiencing renewed interest in both the Canadian and international spirits markets. We are located in the Niagara Peninsula in part to take advantage of the popularity of the growing alcohol based-industry there as well as to access a skilled workforce and locally-grown ingredients. We will produce four primary products: rye, gin, vodka (rye and grape based) and fruit-based spirits.

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Dillon's 'Unfiltered Gin 22' 750ml
93  Wine Enthusiast 
Wine enthusiast 93 " Distilled from a Niagara grape base and infused with 22 botanicals (hence the name), this small-batch gin is light and soft, with notes of lemongrass, juniper and lime zest, finishing zingy and brisk. Though the producer warns that the gin is unfiltered and may appear cloudy,
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Dillon's 'Rose Gin' 750ml Unfiltered
" Traditional London-style gin infused with rose hips, rose petals, then sweetened. Excellent as an aperitif or in cocktails. " ~ Distillery notes
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