Handcrafted in select small batches in Italy with a genuine Sicilian pistachio infusion, other natural Italian ingredients and flavors.

Experience the craft and artisan spirit of Dumante Verdenoce neat, on the rocks or mixed with other fine spirits and ingredients giving ultra-premium Italian flair to cocktails like our iconic cocktail The Sicilian Manhattan. Dumante Verdenoce was designed as well with the culinary arts in mind as a unique ingredient in appetizers, main dishes, and, of course, spectacular desserts. Experience Dumante with coffee or espresso for an Italian coffee celebration!

Dumante 'Verdenoce' 750ml 56prf Pistachio Liqueur
"Handcrafted in select small batches in southern Italy, Dumante Verdenoce is meant to be sipped and savored by connoisseurs who enjoy fine Cognacs, single barrel bourbons, single-malt scotches, artisan brandies and great Italian wines and spirits.  Dumante Verdenoce is also superb when mixed with
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