Fidencio Mezcal

Founded in 2006 by fourth-generation mezcalero Enrique Jimenez, and sited on the 100-year-old Jimenez family distillery Fabrica de Amigo del Mezcal, Fidencio is named for the distillery's original founder. The distillery, located in Santiago Matatlan, Oaxaca, uses 100% estate-grown espadin agave in its mescals and has developed some unusual equipment and techniques for creating unique expressions of the espadin agave. Fidencio also produces highly-limited quantities of mezcals made with wild agave varietals (mezcals silvestres).

Fidencio Mezcal 'Clasico' 750ml
" Traditionally hot-smoked and distilled twice in a wood fired alembic still to 44% ABV, this mezcal is only slightly diluted and retains the traditional body, sharp grassy notes, and long savory mid-palate of a classic espadin mezcal, with a brief hint of citrus at the finish. " ~ Distillery notes
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