George Dickel

DISTILLER, GEORGE DICKEL TENNESSEE WHISKYFor more than a decade, I've worked to make George Dickel the smoothest sippin' Tennessee whisky around and ensure Cascade Hollow is as special to our visitors as it is for those of us who work here.That's saying a lot for me because I was born and raised in Coffee County just a few miles down the road from the Distillery. Since then, I've traveled the world learning about the art of making whisky, but no matter where my training has taken me, there's no place I'd rather call home than right here in Tullahoma, Tennessee.From the smell of George Dickel's legendary mash bill to the lingering finish after a sip of No. 12, working here has always been a very sensory experience for me. Whether it's hand weighing our grains or hand stacking Tennessee Sugar Maple to burn on-site for our charcoal -- I'm proud of the way we take our time to do things the right way.So, please come visit our team at Cascade Hollow and see it for yourself. We'd be proud to shake your hand and show you how George Dickel truly is Handmade the Hard Way.Allisa Henley - signature Allisa Henley - Portrait
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George Dickel Rye 1.0L 90prf
" George Dickel Rye Whisky is the only rye finished in the chilled charcoal-mellowed style that has made our whisky distinct. Distilled in Lawrenceburg, IN, George Dickel Rye is made from 95% rye and 5% malted barley.Our rye is spicy with an exceptionally smooth finish and is a great choice in
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George Dickel 86prf 750ml Barrel Select
"Aged between 10–12 years, this 86-proof gem provides a consistently smooth taste, perfect balance, rich amber color and a hint of vanilla. Aided by charcoal mellowing and the slow aging process, these distinct characteristics create a super-premium whisky in a class of its own.  Designed to
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George Dickel #12 90prf 1.0L
"George Dickel Tennessee Whisky No.12 is 90 proof and has a refined, dry taste with a crisp finish. It is characterized as aromatic with a hint of vanilla - a result of the charcoal mellowing slow aging process. This superior whisky stands in a class by itself." ~ Distillery notes
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