Glenfarclas 10year 750ml
"Glenfarclas 10 Year is a classically structured malt whiskey, with a moderate peatiness, hefty malt, and a lingering finish that offers smoke touched with just a light flicker of honey. There?s iodine and seaweed in there if you hunt for it, a nice counterpart to the other notes in the malt that
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Glenfarclas 17yr 750ml
" Glenfarclas 17 year scotch is firm at first, then a surge of buttery notes in middle as it finishes with a Touch of almonds and bitter chocolate" ~ Distillery notes
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Glenfarclas 21yr 750ml
"A dark amber-gold, full sweet vanilla delicately smoked with a rich and long lasting finish."

Glenfarclas 25yr 750ml
" An all-time classic, Glenfarclas 25yo is the epitome of long-aged sherried Speyside, gorgeously smooth and silkily-textured, with rich, generous flavours of fruitcake, hazelnuts, dried fruit and a hint of dark chocolate and coffee. A thoroughly delightful dram. " ~ Distillery notes

Glenfarclas 12yr 750ml Single Malt Scotch
" Glenfarclas 12 year scotch has plenty of flavors, with notes of peat, finishing with Long oaky notes" ~ Distillery notes