Grand Macnish

GRAND MACNISH ORIGINAL, in continuous production since its birth in 1863, is one of the oldest blended scotches still in the market today. It was the brainchild of Glasgow merchant, Robert McNish, who had a vision to create a lighter, smoother scotch whisky compared to the harsher whiskies of the day.

Our Master Blender strives to continue Robert's proud heritage maintaining Grand Macnish's unique presentation and distinctive taste.

Grand Macnish 80proof 1.75L Blended Scotch Whisky
"Nose: Young, feral and lively. Wild grain but shackled well by some raw malt which combines lavender and gorse for a wonderfully floral blend. Taste: I adore the way the grain and malt spark off each other. This is classic stuff . Finish: A rare display of Speyside grassiness late on in a
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