Iron Smoke Whiskey

Coming up with the idea for applewood-smoked whiskey was "like putting chocolate and peanut butter together" for the first time, according to Tommy Brunett.

The local musician and co-founder of Iron Smoke Distillery, along with partners Ron Kirshner and Steve Brown, started by experimenting in his backyard with the recipe. They poured corn whiskey over charred apple chunks until the end result tasted just right.

Iron Smoke Whiskey is the outcome of those backyard trials, and it first became available for sale two years ago. Rattlesnake Rosie's Apple Pie Whiskey, made with Geneva-based Red Jacket Orchards cider, was then released in March 2015.

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Iron Smoke Apple Wood Smoked Whiskey 750ml
" Iron Smoke is sweet to the nose with a unique smooth full-bodied flavor with the rich deepness of oak throughout the pallet and a subtle warm apple wood smoke finish. Nice grainy smells with apple woodland malty notes. Corn sweetness, barley malt,apple smoke wheat and some interesting sweet/sour
Item Number: 19980
Case: $233.94