Jean Marc Xo Vodka

Luxury, handcrafted vodka distilled nine times
Jean-Marc XO Vodka is an ultra premium luxury vodka, handcrafted by Jean-Marc Daucourt in the Cognac region of France. Jean-Marc XO is made from four types of French wheat and distilled nine times. To create as pure and natural a spirit as possible, the vodka is then micro-oxygenated after distillation. Jean-Marc XO exhibits a floral bouquet, complex & elegant wheat flavors, a silky texture and very long finish. It is the only luxury vodka in the world to be awarded a five star rating by The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences. In addition, The Beverage Testing Institute has awarded Jean-Marc XO a Platinum Medal and the title "Vodka of the Year" (2004).

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Jean Marc XO Vodka 750ml
" Brilliantly clear. Complex, vibrant, yet subtle aromas of powdered sugar, star anise, dried white flowers, cream, and wheat dough are sweet and inviting. A super smooth, plush entry leads to an oily medium-to-full body of delicate anise cookie, confectioner's sugar, frosting, and marzipan flavors.
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