Kai 'Lemongrass' 80prf 750ml
"Kai Vodka, which is imported from Vietnam, is the first ultra-premium rice vodka. It is triple distilled using a rare variety of rice called Yellow Blossom which is grown exclusively in the small villages along the Red River Delta. Subtle, delicate sweetness derived from exotic Yellow Blossom Rice.

Kai 'Coconut' Pandan 750ml
"Coconut lends a complex creamy flavor. The Pandan leaf, found across South East Asia, is sweet and floral. Embrace the exotic pairing of Kai Coconut Pandan Kai Coconut Pandan flavored vodka is made from Yellow Blossom Rice with traditional fermentation and modern distillation. The result is Ultra

Kai 'Lychee' 80prf 750ml
"Clear with a platinum cast. Sweet floral lychee and peaches in syrup aromas. A round, silky entry leads to a oily, fruity sweet medium-to-full body of pure lychee nut and floral stone fruit, and whipped cream flavors with a smooth, long fruity fade. A delicious and smooth exotically flavored vodka